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Commercial Demolition Services

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Commercial Demolition Services in Lancaster, York PA and Surrounding Areas

If your business needs commercial demolition, call us. Compleat Environmental Services has been in business since 1978. We have the experience and equipment to handle your commercial project no matter how big it is.

Safety is our #1 priority. We’ve mastered the process of safely demolishing a portion of your property without sacrificing the integrity of the remaining buildings. We handle all projects with care and consideration.

Call on us to get the job done so you can get back to doing your job. Our special demolition team is standing by to serve you.

Commercial Selective Demolition

You don’t always need to bring an entire building down. Many times, only a section of your building or structure needs demolished. 

The type or size of your project does not matter. No job is too big. We have large-scale commercial equipment that can handle it. We aim to cause as little distraction as possible as you operate your business. We do not want to inhibit your job or inconvenience your residents. We work around your schedule as we keep the remaining structure of the building intact. Call us now to get your questions answered.

Post-Demolition Cleanup

The commercial demolition process creates a lot dust. We keep the dust under control and out of populated areas the entire time.

One of our secrets is the negative-pressure environment we work in. 

The negative pressure also protects the building. Construction materials like drywall, fiberglass, silica, concrete, and other materials that turn into dust creeps into occupied spaces. This dust can be harmful to your health so we need to control it. 

Some of our staff also have ICRA (Infection Control Risk Assessment) training which provides the highest dust control regulations. This training allows us to demolish sections of hospitals or commercial buildings without sacrificing air quality.

Don’t wait to get your structure or building torn down. We’ll put safety first and demolish it the right way. Call us now.

Demolition Tips

Kristin McDonald and her team are great! They helped me out on very short notice and under a tight time constraint. This company is absolutely the best at what they do. Very courteous and professional.
- Wayne L. Weismandel

Great job, fast reliable service.
- Joseph Sabold

Excellent service and repair.
- Davis

Compleat Restorations was exemplary in every way. Thoughtful, empathetic, helpful, and caring during this stressful event.
- Renee

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