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Riding the Wave of Commercial Property Damage

Commercial property loss such as fire damage, water intrusion, microbial or other environmental issues can make you feel like you’re drowning.  You experience an overwhelming tsunami of emotions as you surf the gnarly waves of emergency mitigation, repair of the source and structure, dealing with shareholders and employees – all while desperately trying to keep your business operations afloat. You fear that you’ll never come up for air and that your company is shipwrecked.
Compleat knows that each commercial property loss is unique because of the type of business it is. The structure, employees, service, and tools make each project different – there is no “one size fits all” plan for commercial property water or fire damage. A custom assessment and a tailored plan is created onsite to meet the needs of your company and to get you back to operations quickly.

One aspect of commercial restoration is your commercial content cleaning. What does your company manufacture, service, sell, offer, or process? What are the tools of your trade? Do you have valuable art, mechanical equipment, tools, dishes, decorations, medical instruments, or automotive parts?
Restoring contents after a commercial fire, water, or mold damage require epic techniques, rad equipment, and far out capacity. Hand cleaning is effective and useful to a point, but how does a successful commercial property damage restoration company clean and restore large quantities of contents quickly to return you to normal operations?

Compleat’s Point Break – Ultrasonic Technology Cleaning
Ultrasonic restoration technology is a process that saves time by processing large quantities of contents quickly and saves money by reducing cleaning time and salvaging contents that were thought to be unsalvageable. Dishes, jewelry, tools, electronics, instruments, decorative items, and mechanical parts are processed and returned very rapidly.
With the appearance of a commercial dishwasher, the ultrasonic is actually an electronic tank system. The tank contains a water-based cleaning solution which is safe for contents and for the operators. Ultrasonic generators convert electrical current to ultrasonic frequencies ranging from 20-120 kHz. Transducers turn the high frequency produced by the generator into mechanical action transferred to the radiating surface. The ultrasonic waves created cause cavitation – the creation of bubbles when ultrasonic waves are introduced into a solution. The cavitation bubbles form rapidly and expand until they implode on themselves creating a heated jet-stream. These bubbles can clean large quantities of damaged contents quickly and efficiently – getting into crevices and spaces unreachable by hand cleaning.
Once the ultrasonic equipment is turned on and the tank is ready, we form an assembly line to maximize efficiency. The contents are precleaned to remove excess residue and that residue is rinsed from the items. The contents are placed in the ultrasonic tank and cavitation scrubs the rust, smoke, dirt, mold, or soot. When the ultrasonic portion of the cycle is finished (less than 10 minutes), the cleaned contents are removed, rinsed for residue, rinsed again, dried, and packaged for return to you.
Commercial Property Restoration – Dude, We’ve Got This.
When the riptide of commercial property damage such as a fire or flood threatens to overtake your business – Compleat Restorations will help you ride the wave of commercial restoration.
Dude, we’ve got this.