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Real Fire Damage Restoration Costs that Can Rob You Blind

You’ve probably never thought about fire damage restoration costs before. Perhaps you think, “Fire damage will never happen to me. My business won’t ever burn to the ground.”

While we certainly hope that this is true, what if you get the call that your business is literally going up in smoke?

Your mind will shift into overdrive. You’ll be stunned to learn just how much fire damage restoration will cost your business. You’ll panic. You’ll wonder how you can service your valued customers and deliver on your promises when you’re looking at a pile of rubble. You’ll freak that you won’t be able to keep the competition at bay. You’ll fret over your employees. You’ll panic over files, lost data and equipment.

Then your biggest fear will surface: What if you lose your business altogether?

This isn’t an exaggeration. This is real life.

According to FEMA, almost 40 percent of small businesses never reopen their doors following a disaster.

But, if you’re proactive now, you can avoid unnecessary fire damage restoration costs and take steps to ensure you’ll stay open in the event of a disaster. If you’re proactive now, you may be able to thrive later.

Pre-planning is the most effective way to keep fire damage restoration costs down while ensuring your business can operate during and after the tragedy.

Compleat Restorations provides free emergency response planning for our premier customers. It’s just one way we help keep their fire damage restoration costs down.

How Will Emergency Response Planning Impact My Fire Damage Restoration Costs?

Our industry experts interview you to learn about the specific nature of your business and help fill in any gaps found in your existing emergency plan.

Following the interview, Compleat Restorations will tour your facility to look for vulnerabilities. We’ll look for hazards, make note of emergency exits, mechanical housings, and view your information and technology headquarters. After the data is collected, Compleat Restorations will prepare a digital as well as hard copy confidential emergency plan.

It’s important to keep this plan readily available to the key people in your company in the event of a fire. This plan will reduce your fire damage restoration costs.

FAQ: Can We Serve Customers and Deliver Our Promises During Fire Restoration?

Depending on the nature of your business and the extent of the fire, the answer is yes. Creative solutions abound and when you have a fire damage restoration company with 40 years of experience on your side, we’ll teach you how to triage the fire damage to mitigate priority areas first, arrange for temporary off-site production, secure storage of non-essential or off-season items, and priority restoration of key equipment or tools relevant to your business.

FAQ: How Will My Employees Impact My Fire Damage Restoration Costs?

Your workers are the soul of your business. You’ve recruited, groomed, and trained them at a significant expense. Furthermore, you care deeply about their well-being.

Compleat Restorations is locally and family owned. We understand the value of your staff. Their safety is paramount to ensure your fire damage restoration costs are kept to a minimum.

We will work with you to get your employees back to work safely by containing fire damaged areas, HEPA vacuuming smoke and soot damaged surfaces, and taking environmental precautions to ensure that the indoor air quality is healthy for your workers.

FAQ: Will I Lose My Expensive Equipment?

We know you’ve made a sizeable investment in your equipment. Compleat Restorations Restoration Technician Leaders have achieved their IICRC Master Smoke and Fire Restorer Certification. Our advanced processes and state-of-the-art restoration tools coupled with our education and experience will help preserve and restore as much of your valuable equipment as possible.

We’ll work with your existing equipment vendors to make an action plan to restore your business equipment. As part of your pre-planning, it’s important to make a point to review your Business Owners Policy (BOP) with your insurance agent to be certain you are adequately insured to reduce your overall fire damage restoration costs.

FAQ: What About My Files, Records and Data?

You’ll wonder how you can operate with no phone, computer, or even an office.

A trusted IT vendor, such as one2one inc. is invaluable both in pre-planning and response to protect your confidential data. If needed, Compleat Restorations will deliver a temporary job trailer to your site, enabling you to access phone, and WiFi to conduct meetings.

Fire damage restoration costs are reduced when you continue to maintain your customer relationships.

FAQ: What Would I Do Next?

You’ll move forward with the dreams for your business. Perhaps you desired more storage or a renovation. Maybe your 10-year plan included a new aspect of your business. Many business owners see the silver lining in the cloud of a fire damage and go on to not only recover, but become more successful than before the fire.

Compleat Restorations knows that fire damage to your business is no one’s dream, but oddly it can make your dreams come true.