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Water Damage & Flood Restoration

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Water Damage & Flood Restoration in Lancaster, York PA and Surrounding Areas

Water damage is catastrophic to property and occurs under many circumstances including appliance failure, storm damage, leaking roof, plumbing malfunction, and basement flooding..

Rapid response is essential to minimize damage, control costs, and prevent microbial growth. When you need emergency water restoration services, our team responds, on-site, within two hours of your call—that’s 24/7/365.

Our Emergency Response Services

Our team understands the trauma associated with catastrophic loss and are committed to listening and responding to your needs.

We complete the following during the water damage inspection process:

  • Determine the class and category of your water damage
  • Create a comprehensive plan to restore your property
  • Explain the process and answer any questions
  • Work with your insurance company every step of the way

We offer:

  • 2-hour onsite response, 24 hours a day, 365 days a week
  • Set up a mobile command center
  • Insurance claim assistance
  • Secure and stabilize buildings
  • Safety demolition
  • Temporary power and lighting
  • Board-up windows, tarp structures and remove debris
  • Pack, clean, and store building contents
  • Dry documents
  • Water extraction and dry structure
  • Uncover hidden water intrusion with high tech inspection
  • Rebuild the structure to pre-loss condition

How We Repair Water Damage

  • Emergency Response
  • Property Stabilization
  • Inspection
  • Restore Building Contents
  • Water Extraction
  • Mold Prevention
  • Monitor Progress

We work with you and your insurance company to determine what can be restored and what is an insurance replacement claim. Non-damaged items will be protected to keep them functional. Restorable items are transported to our facility for restoration and storage while your property is stabilized and dried. Damaged items will be replaced in accordance with your insurance policy.

Compleat Restorations is committed to taking care of any water damage that has happened to your business.  Our main objective is to repair your property in a quick and efficient manner. Contact us now to learn more about our professional water damage restoration services.

Water & Flood Damage Tips

Kristin McDonald and her team are great! They helped me out on very short notice and under a tight time constraint. This company is absolutely the best at what they do. Very courteous and professional.
- Wayne L. Weismandel

Great job, fast reliable service.
- Joseph Sabold

Excellent service and repair.
- Davis

Compleat Restorations was exemplary in every way. Thoughtful, empathetic, helpful, and caring during this stressful event.
- Renee

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