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Modern Solution To A Business Flood

Running a business means hard work and long hours. When you run into complications, the stress can build faster than you’re prepared for. If you find yourself facing a company flooding issue on your property, you may feel as though you’re at your wit’s ends. 

The damage is often extensive, and different parts of a building must be treated in different ways to fully restore it to full operations. In this article, we’re going to cover how a company flood affects your business and guide you through the most important steps of flood damage restoration. If you’re also worried about a flood damaging your home, check out our article on how to protect your home from a flood. Now, let’s get started!

How Flooding Affects Your Business

A business flood is one of the most unexpected problems to run into as a company owner. Water damage is catastrophic to property and occurs under many circumstances including appliance failure, storm damage, leaking roof, plumbing malfunction, and basement flooding.

The seriousness of a flood can differ. You may have a broken pipe letting loose gallons of clean, sanitary water. Maybe a sewer pipe breaks down the street and sends a deluge of toxic waste your way. Perhaps water levels rise in the rivers after rain and begin to overflow nearby. Despite the different types of business flooding, they all cause the same issue: holding up business!

Not only does major flooding in your business slow operations to a crawl, but it also poses a threat to the health of you, your employees, and your customers. Some water may contaminate key areas of your business, and damaged materials can require costly repairs and lose you major progress on projects. 

What to Do After Your Business Floods: A How-To Guide

Dealing with business flood damage on your commercial property can be quite a pain. Regardless of where the flooding originated, there is a laundry list of fixes that must be made in the wake (pun slightly intended) of significant water damage. Let’s run through them:

1. Secure and stabilize your building 

Water may have weakened walls or other supports, and doing the dirty work to remove it all may jeopardise the structure. Great care must be taken to clear the area of debris and stabilize the structure. Any demolition that may need to be done will require a safe work area!

2. Prepare the building for proper restoration

You may still be using the location for operations during the water damage cleanup, so temporary power and lighting could be necessary. Along with this, boarding up windows and tarping structures will prevent the area from being dirtied any further.

3. Restore and rebuild

The contents of your building are valuable, so careful measures should be taken to pack, clean, and store these materials. This means drying documents and rebuilding areas for their safekeeping. To ensure the issue is resolved, a high-tech inspection is recommended to uncover any hidden water intrusion.

Read on to understand why Compleat Restorations is the company to call to check every one of these boxes!

How Compleat Restorations Can Help Your Business Flood Situation

When your livelihood is on the line, it’s not worth messing around with anyone but the pros. Our team understands the trauma associated with catastrophic loss and is committed to listening and responding to your needs. Compleat Restorations has over 40 years of experience in residential and commercial cleaning and restoration. 

Rapid response is essential to minimize damage, control costs, and prevent microbial growth. When you need emergency water restoration services, our team responds, on-site, within two hours of your call—that’s 24/7/365.

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