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Is Your Refrigerator Running?

‘Is your refrigerator running?’  The world’s best known prank phone call may also be one of the best pieces of advice before you leave for vacation.
Not necessarily for leaving your refrigerator plugged in, but the water line that feeds your ice maker. Most refrigerators have a poly plastic line that is small, easily damaged, and wears out over time.
Water losses from refrigerator lines may sound less significant than other types of water losses (toilets, sinks, etc.) but they tend to cause the most damage. They often seem to fail when you are away from home over a period of days. Since the rate of water flow is less than other water lines, these losses may not be detected by your water company the way a water main break would be. As they continue to run, hundreds to thousands of gallons of water migrate slowly throughout the house only to be discovered too late.

Preventative tips include:

Shut off the water if you will be away from home over a period of days. At least turn off the water to your ice maker.
Visually inspect the water line to your ice maker to look for kinks in the line, frayed connections or other defects.
Have your preferred plumber inspect the line and make recommendations for replacement alternatives or maintenance measures.

‘Well, you better run and catch it’ makes for a better punch line than thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your home. Take a minute and inspect the water line to your refrigerator today before the joke is on you.