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When Your Business is Under Water – Literally

When Your Business is Under Water – Literally

Water damage from storm, appliance failure, mechanical malfunction, or human error can drown your business with jaw-dropping speed. As water flows unchecked, the walls, ceilings, and contents are weakened and will destruct quickly. Upon discovery of this horror, you feel as though your business is underwater – literally. How can your business stay afloat when production halts, valuable equipment is threatened, computers are wet, vital documents are soggy. What about your valued employees? Without safe, dry, working conditions and without the tools they need to perform their work, will they seek employment elsewhere? Will your customers abandon you like a sinking ship?

You need a lifeline from a water damage restoration company that has experience handling commercial water damage. You need help from a restoration company that has a proven response time, with authoritative leaders to successfully dry your property fast and work with your insurance adjuster and with you. You need a restoration company with professionally trained water mitigation technicians who thrive on efficiently and accurately drying your property safely according to the IICRC Standard of Care. You need a restoration company who will take your business seriously. You need a restoration company who will tow you into shore with outstanding communication and customer service.

At Compleat, we’re in the business of getting you back in business as quickly as possible while providing an excellent customer experience for you. Each commercial water damage project we work is unique due to industry, size, and nature of loss, and other special circumstances.

Read the Compleat vision statement that our team strives to achieve daily:

To be recognized as the elite commercial restoration company with solutions to your property disasters and special needs.

How does Compleat fulfill this vision for our commercial water damage clients?

Emergency Response Planning
Emergency Response Planning – our proprietary process of helping with pre-planning has helped thousands of business in the following industries: hotels, healthcare, nursing homes, and hospitals, schools and universities, manufacturing and industrial, apartment and business complexes, retail and entertainment venues.

Continuing Education
Continuing Education – Compleat’s team is meticulously trained through IICRC certification and intentional in-house training and mentoring. Learning never stops; the team is challenged to achieve the highest certifications available, ultimately including the designation of Master Restorer.
Experience – 40 years of industry experience make Compleat legendary in mitigating commercial water damage. We take that experience and put it to work for your unique circumstance while bringing you the finest equipment available in the industry. There is no “one-size-fits-all” commercial water damage restoration process. Compleat will customize solutions for your project and assist you with optimizing business continuity to avoid down-time and loss of revenue during your loss.
Communication – There are a lot of moving parts when restoring your business after water damage occurs. You need to know the process and timeline in order to swim to shore successfully. Our secure, cloud based project management system keeps you apprised of progress and job scope in real time including progress photos, supporting documentation, and daily job log journal entries. If an insurance adjuster is involved, our timely and accurate process of communication extends to them. Good communication expedites your recovery and avoids wasted money from delays and misunderstandings.
Compleat is the Life-Preserver for Your Business
When your business is underwater – literally, our goal is your goal. To be there for you as the elite commercial restoration company with solutions to your property disasters and special needs. When your business is underwater – literally, call Compleat’s water rescue mitigation team at 800-699-1176 for a life-preserver.

Better yet, contact us today to become an Emergency Response Plan customer to avoid going under from commercial water damage.