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The Ultimate Guide to Water Damage Repair in 2022

Every property owner must be familiar with the basics of water damage repair. Remember, water damage is one of the most common and most serious emergencies any property can face. Some of these tragedies are uncontrollable, such as storms and floods. That’s why this repair guide should come in handy for you! 

The good news is that some of them are preventable. Additional care and periodic maintenance are important for roof leaks, HVAC leaks, sewage backup, busted pipes, and malfunctioning appliances. 

Why it’s important to repair water damage right away

Water damage can take place fast. Within minutes, your floors, walls, furniture, appliances, and other items may already be under water. Within hours, bacteria and molds start to develop, posing a health risk to your property’s occupants.

Also, metals start to rust, paint or wallpaper begin to peel, and furniture and appliances start to crack or deform. In a week, the damage may be so extensive that the costs of repair and restoration may now be restrictive.

Do you think water seepage will wait for you to address it? The reality is that it may come as an unwelcome surprise! Water damage needs attention immediately, as it can damage your property and cause a decrease in value. It may also pose serious threats to your safety.

Effective Tips For Water Damage Repair

Check out this water damage repair guide to prevent further destruction of your property:

  1. Call your insurance company

One pretty common but highly devastating mistake that property owners make is to assume all insurance policies are the same, in that they automatically cover water damage. Even before something happens, you need to check if your insurance covers flood water damage repairs and loss of use. This simple but crucial step would ensure that they will cover your property’s restoration as well as your accommodation while the repairs are ongoing. 

Once your property is hit by water damage, call your insurance company immediately. They will send an adjuster to inspect your property, assess the damage, and explain your coverage.

Before calling them, make a handful of preparations such as providing specific information and photos of your property. Make sure to list down the items damaged by water, and show pictures of them before the water damage incident.

  1. Check for any visible structural damage before entering your property

Water damage left for extended periods of time may cause significant damage to walls, floors, and structures. It may also ruin other items in the area, including furniture, cabinets, and appliances.

From a safe location, carefully inspect any obvious structural damage in the affected area. Use protective gear, including boots, gloves, and a hard hats, when entering your property. 

If you see visible cracks, holes, or dislocations, call and wait for restoration professionals to do the full assessment. The last thing you want to happen is for you to get physical injuries on top of your property damage dilemma.

  1. Turn off the water and power

Safety is always key in situations like this. That’s why it’s best not to enter the affected area until professionals have advised that it is safe to do so. If your main power switch can be accessed without going into the damaged area, turn the power off in your property. 

Some things that you can do in relation to your water and power supply include the following:

  • Call an electrician to inspect, clean and dry, and test your electrical panel and connections.
  • Do not attempt to turn on electrical appliances and fixtures to avoid the risk of electrocution and fire.
  • Turn your water connection off as well to avoid adding any more water to the affected areas. If you’re not familiar with the pipes in your property, call a plumber to assist you.
  1. Remove valuable items so they don’t get damaged

When faced with a serious case of property flooding, you need to make a priority list of your valuable items — from most valuable to least. This way, you can take out the high-priority items in your list and hope that they do not incur irreparable damages.

Depending on the things you own, here are some valuables that may get drenched in water, and some ways to salvage them:

  • Items made of wood: Water may damage wooden furniture quickly. As soon as you discover your wood items in the affected areas, remove them from the water, take out their drawers, and open their doors. You may be tempted to use high heat to dry them quickly, but keep in mind that this may cause splitting and further damage to the wood.
  • Appliances: As soon as you see them in water, appliances should be taken out of the area immediately. Being immersed in the water for a long time may cause damage to metal and plastic body parts, as well as to electrical and electronic parts. 
  • Upholstery: Fabric or leather covers, paddings, and springs of upholstered furniture may be damaged extensively with prolonged exposure to water. Make sure to move them to a dry place to minimize damage and the growth of bacteria in it.
  • Memorabilia: Don’t forget to take out books, photos, and other items that may hold valuable memories for you and your family members. These items may get stained and warped beyond repair once immersed in water for long. 

Your best course of action? Call your local restoration company!

Aside from competing with time, the entire repair and restoration process is hard, grueling work. Instead of relying on your own knowledge – and a handful of video tutorials – for a quick DIY, we highly recommend tapping the services of a restoration company.

Hire professionals to take care of your residential or commercial water damage, so you have the physical energy and emotional space to take care of your family, your work, or your business. You can also expect more efficient cleanup from trusted and experienced restoration companies since they have done this several times already. They know what to expect and what to do to minimize the damage and speed up the process. 

Get your life back on track quickly by calling us at Compleat Restorations. Our experienced and highly skilled water damage professionals can help you in the cleanup and restoration, and in coordinating with your insurance company.