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How Property Managers Ace Water Damage Disasters

The Winning Card of Property Management in a Water Damage

Savvy property managers know that a water damage restoration project can be a nightmare. Displaced tenants and loss of revenue are of paramount concern, but improper water damage cleaning has further reaching implications such as permanent structural damage and microbial growth that will haunt the property for years if not resolved quickly and professionally. Maintaining the integrity and value of a property is the game that property managers must win daily even when faced with a water damage disaster that might result from a flood, burst pipes, or appliance failures.
Being Dealt the Water Damage Card
When a water damage occurs, property managers are suddenly faced with many choices and responses. Unhappy tenants, reporting to the financially responsible parties, securing a fast cleanup, assessing and repairing the source of the water damage. One of the hallmark features of a water damage event is wet and damaged flooring. New flooring is time-consuming and costly to replace in terms of labor, materials, and lost tenants.

Drying Hardwood Floors Properly
Even after the standing water is extracted and the floor appears to be dry, moisture is still held in the flooring material and the damage will continue without the help of a commercial water damage restoration company.
Hardwood floors are particularly tricky to dry. If drying is delayed, the result is “cupping” where the boards swell and rise like waves. But hardwood floors can overdry just as easily creating splintering and splitting. How to get it just right?
Play your Water Damage Recovery Ace Card
Compleat Restorations Injectidry System is your ace card for wet hardwood floors. Fast mitigation response, accurate moisture metering, and a system that pulls moisture from the floor is a game changer in a commercial water damage restoration project.
Once we extract all the standing water and the levels of moisture detected and documented, water damage restoration technicians strategically place the drying mats according to drying standard protocol. Hoses attach to the mats creating suction, essentially a “water vacuum” effect, pulling moisture out of the floor. The moist air is filtered for debris and then returned as clean, dry air back into the room.

Why It’s the Best Card to Play
The advantage of this system is its portability; each of Compleat’s water response trucks carries this system and it can be set up by one water mitigation technician. Flexible components allow installation in odd-shaped rooms, closets, etc. Each mat covers a 12 square foot drying area and multiple mats can be configured to cover a large room or area. The capacity and versatility are unlimited for commercial and property management contexts.
When possible, the Injectidry Floor Drying process is aided by access to the subfloor from the room below. Specialty water damage mitigation equipment such as air movers and dehumidifiers that are strategically placed beneath the floor speed up the drying process.
Optimal use requires regular inspection and moisture metering before placement and throughout the drying process to assess drying progress and positioning. The average drying time is 3-5 days. Daily inspection and repositioning ensure the floors are drying at the proper rate to prevent overdrying.
The Ace Saves the Floor, Saves the Day
Property Managers who know Compleat Restorations have the ace card and the winning hand of water damage restoration. This card makes you the ace of property management and a hero to your tenants and owners alike.

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