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Black Water: Category 3 Water Damage

The most dangerous type of water damage is category 3, or black water. Much more contaminated than category 2, black water is a potentially deadly form of water damage that is made up of far more contaminants and bacteria than category 2. On top of that, water that is contaminated is even more harmful to your home. For this reason, it’s important that you know the causes and risks of category 3 water damage.

Where Does Black Water Come From?

Black water can come from outside your home in the form of floodwater. Floodwater is a contaminated combination of everything it picked up in its path, and it will undoubtedly be full of waste and bacteria that can wreak havoc on your property.

Not only can it come from an exterior, weather-related incident, but if your toilet overflows and contains fecal matter, you are looking at category 3 water damage. Dishwashers and washing machines contain water that can be made up of different types of bacteria as well. Food particles from dishes being cleaned in the sink or dishwasher can become harmful and lead to black water.

Additionally the bacteria on dirty clothes in a washing machine can be black water if the person is sick. Just because these appliances are cleaning their contents, does not mean that the water flooding your home is by any means clean. It is not safe to come in contact with this water for any reason.

Risks of Black Water

Black water in your home can leave you at risk for the growth of toxic mold in and around the affected areas. Contaminated water of this nature will, in all likelihood render carpets and floors completely unusable. As unfortunate as it is, you most likely will have to replace parts of your flooring if they come in contact with black water.

The health risks associated with coming in direct contact with black water range anywhere from E-coli to death. That said, the water doing damage to the interior of your home can do more than just damage your carpets. Stay away from the affected areas until professionals arrive and begin the restoration process.

Our Process For Black Water Damage Restoration

The professionals at Compleat Restorations are highly-skilled and trained, and have the equipment and experience necessary to deal with category 3 (black) water damage. The team will thoroughly assess the damage and determine a restoration plan, extract the water, and install heavy-duty air movers and humidifiers to completely dry the affected area. Compleat Restorations will see the restoration process through until the affected areas of your home are back to their prior condition.

It is absolutely crucial that you do not attempt to take matters into your own hands and clean the water yourself. Professional equipment and expertise are required when working with potentially deadly contaminated water.

In the event that you are faced with black water damage, trust Compleat to handle the restoration process from start to finish.

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