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CPR in the Doctor’s Office – A Healthcare Water Damage Restoration Case Study

A heart-stopping moment happened in May 2019 when a busy medical practice experienced a flood of water from a second-floor plumbing malfunction. A broken toilet valve upstairs rained water throughout two stories of the building, which quickly soaked ceiling tiles, drywall, and floors in the waiting room, examination rooms, and offices.

The sudden heart attack of commercial water damage is painful in any industry, but fatal to healthcare providers because of the care provided to patients. Delays in patient care have deadly health consequences to patients who entrust doctors and nurses with their lives. Therefore, healthcare restoration must be swift and efficient with business continuity as the immediate prescription. This high profile customer didn’t need a “band-aid” as offered by other restoration contractors, but rather, an experienced healthcare partner to administer their restoration CPR.

Fortunately, this healthcare client called their restoration “ambulance”, Compleat, to start restoration CPR on their building stat. Arriving within the hour of the summons for help, Compleat initiated their proprietary protocol of healthcare water damage restoration including water extraction, creating drying chambers with negative air and ducting, erecting the STARC containment system, and implementing infection control measures. Furthermore, a plan for repairs was created right away so that as soon as the structure was dry, repairs were initiated without delay and completed in record time. Communication and documentation were delivered with transparency and ease for the client via Compleat’s project management and communication tools.

Compleat went beyond basic first aid to apply CPR and advanced restoration techniques to successfully save this doctor’s office from a lengthy and unhealthy water damage recovery.

Talk to us soon to get your healthcare facility onboard the Compleat Healthcare Solutions program. The need for restoration CPR is unfortunate but inevitable. Trust the healthcare restoration team who has the proven ability to preserve the health and vitality of your thriving medical practice.

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