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Red Tape Compliance with Red Carpet Treatment – Healthcare Solutions

What’s the Red Tape of Healthcare Water Damage Restoration?

Healthcare water damage restoration projects present a sticky, but necessary roll of red tape. After all, as doctors, nurses, quality assurance professionals, and facility managers, you share patient health and safety as a priority. How does a healthcare water damage restoration company adhere to patient safety protocols while quickly mitigating water damage? Your patients and your facility operations are your priority. Complying with the red tape while rapidly mitigating your water loss is ours.

Our Healthcare Water Damage Restoration Team Rolls Out the Red Carpet

Having an exclusive healthcare water damage team that can be dispatched to respond to you quickly is vital. Compleat Restorations mitigation team readily available to assist immediately. Especially with healthcare water damage emergencies. Our elite crew has also been specially trained and certified in ICRA (Infection Control Risk Assessment). We have hundreds of successful hospital and healthcare facility water damage restoration projects. It is all under our collective tool belts. The team understands the twin challenges of rapid mitigation and ICRA protocol compliance.

Infection Control Precautions – The Red Tape

Commercial water damage brings the obvious hazards of standing water, wet walls, compromised electronics, and collapsing ceilings. Less evident, but equally dangerous effects of healthcare water damage are the potential risks such as microbial growth and spread of airborne contaminants such as dust and bacteria. Compleat Restorations insists on taking measures such as placing walk-off mats to contain contaminants to the immediate work site, protecting air handling systems to assure healthy air quality throughout the facility, and erecting the STARC Temporary Containment System. This temporary barrier is ICRA Class IV compliant and supports high levels of negative pressure isolation. The STARC System segregates the noise and dust of water damage mitigation and repair, so your critical work of patient care continues without disruption. Finally, a terminal clean is performed including the application of BioSpray D2, an alcohol-based sanitizer. BioSpray disinfects hard, non-porous surfaces and is a powerful, yet safe germicidal.

Cutting the Red Tape of Communication Keeps the Restoration Work Rolling

Compleat Restorations also understands that in a healthcare water damage event, there are clinical, operational, and financial parties that require timely information readily available. You need to make decisions and keep apprised of progress and completion projections.  We’ve streamlined this process for you through technology while preserving the confidentiality of your healthcare facility and observing HIPAA regulations for privacy of your patients. Your project information is accessible, ensuring that you and your stakeholders have access to real-time information and photographs. This portal will also serve as your permanent record of the water damage mitigation and repair, that you may reference in the future.

Red Tape Compliance with Red Carpet Service

Compleat Restorations respects and complies with the necessary protocols for infection control, health, and safety while managing healthcare water damage projects with professionalism and experience. As the preferred provider for the area’s largest hospital systems, we want to roll out our red carpet service to your facility in your time of need.

Our Healthcare Solutions Program ensures you receive the red tape compliance you demand. Receive red carpet treatment of you as our valued client. Contact us today.