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Why Me? Why Now? Why Again?

On January 10, 2017, Compleat Restorations responded to a vaguely familiar water loss on an evening when icy roads seemed to make the notion of an emergency response almost impossible. A hotel in northern Harrisburg had the worst kind of disaster any manager can imagine. A sprinkler pipe had frozen and burst on the top floor affecting over 100 rooms and every level of the hotel. The damage was substantial; walls, ceiling, carpeting and HVAC system were saturated with Category 3 (black) water. Guests were safely relocated as the hotel manager was left with his staff and 3 bewildering questions: Why me? Why now? Why again?

‘Why again’ is as unlikely as it is awful when it comes to property damage, but it does happen more often than many realize. A nearly identical loss occurred at the same hotel only 2 years ago in terms of timing, scope and extent of damage. Some would suggest that, on the surface, it must somehow be related to poor facility management, but in truth, it really was a case of rotten luck.  Repeat business, by design, is not usually the nature of disaster services, and as it just so happened, Compleat Restorations dried the hotel out in 2015. The hotel manager had at least one consolation in the matter, “At least I knew who was going to take good care of me. Compleat Restorations was so pleasant and responsive the last time this happened and I knew I didn’t have to guess who I needed to call again.”

Compleat Restorations arrived on the scene and worked through the night to extract the water and stabilize the loss. Fortunately we knew the building well enough to quickly create action plans for drying, and because this repeat customer was so important to us, we dedicated almost all of our resources to complete drying of the structure so the hotel could get back in business as quickly as possible. Sometimes, as they say, lightning does strike twice, but great service and caring about your customers happens every time when you work with Compleat Restorations.

Submitted by Aaron Jacobs, Business Development Consultant