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Airplane Maneuvers

As restorers, we are called to help in an infinite variety of circumstances; each loss is unique because of the customers we service. Some projects, however, are particularly memorable because of the contents.
On April 2, 2017, a townhouse fire affected several homes.  Compleat Restorations was summoned by the fire company to help secure property, provide emergency board up, and begin the restoration process of cleaning, repairing the structure, and handling the contents.  One homeowner had contents requiring special handling:  exotic animals, a valuable ceramic collection, and in his garage–a homebuilt ultralight airplane.
The home and garage were affected by fire, smoke, and water damage. The firemen protected the plane with tarp when they extinguished the ceiling fire, but the plane did sustain smoke and water damage.
An initial pre-clean of the plane was done to halt the damage and to prevent corrosion from the water and smoke, but the plane required storage while the property was being rebuilt.  As part of the contents restoration process, a storage unit was secured and transportation arranged to safely move the ultralight plane for safekeeping during the property restoration project.
The plane was carefully loaded and secured on a flatbed trailer and successfully transported to the storage unit thanks to careful attention to details.  We look forward to returning the ultralight to the owner when his garage is fully restored so that this plane will be cleared for takeoff!
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