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The Best Time to Deal with Commercial Property Damage is Before It Happens

How Will You React?
How will your business react to a property disaster such as a flood, fire, hurricane, or environmental emergency? Will you frantically search the internet, trust a billboard or radio ad, call a number from the Yellow Pages only to discover that there’s a waiting list or be disappointed that the company is unable to respond to your emergency? Time wasted on poor response costs thousands of dollars in lost revenue and reconstruction costs.

As a professional, you interview an accounting or law firm before agreeing to engage their services to be certain they are the right fit for your business and for you. And just as you know to call 911 in a medical emergency, it’s vital for you and your key employees to know who to call in the event of a commercial property disaster day or night instead of wasting time and money scrambling and making costly, reactionary mistakes.
Reactions: Good, Better, Best
Good to be prepared and know your emergency response team before disaster strikes.
Better to know Compleat Restorations and avail yourself of our large capacity and over 40 years of experience with commercial disaster restoration.
Best is to secure a strategic partnership with Compleat Restorations for pre-disaster response and planning.
Why Should I Have a Commercial Restoration Plan with Compleat Restorations?
A strategic partnership with Compleat Restorations means that you are assured of an emergency response time of 2 hours or less when faced with a property disaster. We are your 24/7/365 response partner and we are with you in your darkest hour – including the middle of the night. This relationship also gives you peace of mind during catastrophic weather events because you know that you have a commercial large loss specialist restoration company on standby to react quickly to minimize damage and avoid costly delays. Furthermore, you have access to industry insight before a property disaster occurs.

Planning for “when” instead of “if” is key for business continuity planning. Compleat Restorations will work with you to create an Emergency Response Plan for your unique property. This plan allows us to gather advanced knowledge before disaster strikes so that our team is ready to work with your team to mitigate damage quickly and efficiently.

Our goal is your goal: to get your property restored as quickly as possible when disaster happens in order to minimize damage, control costs, and return building occupants to normal operations with unnecessary delay.