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3 Restoration Service Menu Offerings You May Not Know About

Other Restoration Services Menu Offerings and Why You Need Them

Everyone knows that Compleat Restorations is the industry leader in water, mold, fire, and storm restoration. These events are bad for buildings.

Successful facilities managers have an Emergency Response Plan with Compleat. They’ve “feasted on” the customer experience that Compleat serves up and “tasted” the house specialty of commercial property restoration.

But did you know that Compleat can help when other bad things happen to buildings? Your strategic partnership with Compleat yields more benefits than emergency response. We are your server for the ongoing safety and stability of your facility, even when it’s not an emergency. Open up our menu and check out the other restoration services offered by Compleat.

Specialty Cleaning

There are times when a tricky cleaning situation arises. These are usually outside the size or scope of your janitorial or maintenance staff. Biohazard cleaning from trauma or accident, detailed cleaning from fire extinguisher dust or vandalism, mold cleaning and remediation, dry ice blasting for large, stubborn residue. Specialty cleaning is a favorite menu item of Compleat’s cleaning team because it presents challenges for us to overcome for you. Commercial customers are after the service and outcome of this entree.

Commercial Duct Cleaning

Optimal air quality for your commercial building occupants is a menu offering that you can select occasionally or as part of your regular maintenance schedule. With an environmental team that specializes in large commercial buildings, we have the experience and equipment to clean your air handling ductwork no matter if your appetite is large (hospital, school, industrial) or a little smaller (doctor’s office, retail store). We’ll scope your project and provide a detailed estimate before scheduling the work according to your schedule.


Have a remodeling or construction project underway? Perhaps your employees are complaining about the dust and noise or you want to divert and shield your customers from the unsightly mess until it’s completed? The STARC Containment System is a “delivery takeout” solution that is customizable to your project and presents a professional “face” to your customers. This selection is an excellent choice for those desiring safe and clean working conditions for their facility.

Compleat’s Secret Sauce – Customer Experience

We’re happy to serve you, whether it’s a maintenance, cleaning, or another bothersome chore;  we’re here to help you whenever bad things happen to buildings. All of the menu items are served up with a generous portion of Compleat’s “secret sauce” of outstanding customer experience. You’ll have our friendly, professional staff on-site and behind the scenes making sure that your entree is served to your liking. See for yourself what customers say about their excellent experience with Compleat on our review site here, or read our Facebook and Google reviews.

How Can We Help You With What’s on Our Restoration Services Menu?

Get to know Compleat and try one of our specialty menu offerings. Sample the customer experience that has created a loyal following of “regulars” among commercial facility managers. Give us a call or contact us to place your order.