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How To Survive Commercial Property Large Loss

Commercial property large loss is a facility manager’s nightmare. The sudden occurrence of water damage from a burst pipe? The horror of a fire or the devastation from a hurricane? This can cause your business and operations to cease. How do you survive such a large, catastrophic property loss? Will you be able to stay in business? How will you serve your customers? What happens to your employees?

Compleat Restorations is your large loss expert. We’ve amassed knowledge, equipment, and project management techniques. This is with over 40 years of experience in large commercial losses. This includes hurricanes, fires, and water damage. We have helped thousands of businesses survive the large losses. We can help you, too.

What is Large Loss, and Why Does it Matter?

Large loss can be defined by the dollar amount of the claim (over $50,000). It also includes the facility size, the square footage of the building affected. This is usually the number of floors affected by the loss.

Large loss affects any facility in any industry. This includes hospitality, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, property management, and schools. Large loss can demolish a mom & pop shop or devastate a global corporate operation by halting operations, displacing occupants, and threatening to shut down your business. No one is exempt from the threat of large loss. Take note that there are strategies you can employ. This is to ensure business continuity and swift recovery. Knowing and executing these strategies is vital to surviving large commercial property losses.

How to Prepare for Large Loss

In order to survive a large commercial property loss from fire, storm, or water damage, pre-planning is paramount. Take advantage of Compleat’s Emergency Response Program which includes:

Emergency Response Plan:

Compleat Restorations will work with you to create an Emergency Response Plan for your unique property. This plan allows us to gather advanced knowledge before disaster strikes. This is so that our team is ready to work with your team to mitigate damage quickly and efficiently.

Pre-disaster walk through consultation:

Your Compleat project manager will visit your facility and identify any areas of vulnerability. This is to gain familiarity with ‘the lay of the land’ to speed response and recovery maneuvers.

Priority Response:

As an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) Client, you are our priority in the event of a widespread weather event such as a tornado or hurricane. We’ll have a crew on-site within 2 hours of your call (usually sooner than that). Catastrophic weather affects large populations – you want to be first in line to begin mitigation and repairs. Our affiliation with DKI (Disaster Kleenup International) assures you of the local and accessible project management with your Compleat contact plus the added capacity of equipment and manpower availability during a time when everyone is frantic to secure restoration services.

How to Survive a Large Loss:

When the inevitable, devastating large loss occurs, what actually happens? How does Compleat ensure the survival of your business operations? Each loss is different owing to the type of property disaster (water damage, fire and smoke damage, hurricane and wind damage) and the industry affected.

When you call Compleat, a project manager will return your call promptly and have a crew on-site within 2 hours or less. It’s vital to call Compleat right away to avoid costly delays from further, secondary damage.

There will be an assessment. The first actions will be the safety of occupants and the security of your property. Compleat’s safety assessment and emergency response can include: board up of areas exposed by fire or wind damage such as walls, doors, and windows. Compleat can also erect security fencing to protect against injuries or intruders.

Emergency Mitigation

Next, Compleat will initiate emergency mitigation. In the case of large loss water damage, we’ll employ large scale drying response techniques with drying equipment. Choosing Compleat to mitigate your large loss means that you have access to our huge capacity and selection of water mitigation equipment to extract large volumes of water and dry any type of structure.

Compleat will help you with business continuity during the loss by rerouting occupants and customers safely and arranging the removal and recovery of affected contents. Should you need temporary storage of equipment or contents, we can assist with arrangements. Temporary operations and office space can be secured so that you can continue to service your valuable customers during the disruption.

Meanwhile, we’re working with your insurance adjuster to expedite your claim. Your project manager will be onsite frequently with support staff to manage the large loss details. While the mitigation is proceeding, plans for reconstruction are being made and those materials and trades such as electrical, drywall, and plumbing are arranged for you. Building permits will be obtained on your behalf so that rebuilding can begin quickly.

As a Compleat ERP Client, you will be apprised of all of these details because you have access to your secure, online project portal so that you and other key decision-makers can all be kept in the loop. Communication is integral to surviving large commercial property loss and Compleat has the tools to accomplish transparent communication with you.

More Than Just Surviving Large Loss

Commercial large loss is overwhelming, but with Compleat Restorations as your strategic large loss partner, you have pre-planning resources to avoid or minimize damage, in-loss response and resources, and our expert coaching and support along the way. Many business owners have an enriching relationship with Compleat during a large loss and emerge with renewed business vigor and success. Don’t just survive large loss – thrive!

Prepare to Survive and Thrive!

We sincerely hope that you never experience a commercial large loss but unfortunately, it’s not usually “if”, it’s “when”. Prepare to survive, prepare to thrive with Compleat by securing your Emergency Response Plan. Give us a call or contact us today to get started.