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What is “Standard of Care” in Commercial Water Damage Restoration?

Commercial Water Damage Restoration is a scientific and responsive process. Each commercial water damage project is fraught with shifting variables such as water source, building materials affected, type of business, category of water, and timeline of water intrusion. Adhering to the proper industry Standard of Care provides a project template to benchmark metrics for an optimal outcome for our commercial water damage restoration customers. Compleat Restorations is committed to following and documenting the proper Standard of Care throughout the entire commercial water damage restoration project. In fact, it’s one of our Core Values “We know and comply with industry standards and ethics”

“Standard of Care” Defined

The Standard of Care in Commercial Water Damage (S550) is a procedural industry standard for performing water damage restoration in commercial, industrial institutional, and complex residential structures, systems and furniture, fixtures and equipment. The Standard of Care is determined and updated by the restoration industry governing body, the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning Restoration Certification)

Why is Water Damage Restoration Standard of Care Important?

Following the Standard of Care matters on commercial water damage restoration projects because Compleat is committed to providing the industry’s optimal efficiency and outcome for every customer in every circumstance. Choosing Compleat as your restoration contractor ensures that your loss will be mitigated according to the highest industry benchmarks, saving you time and money against recurring or secondary loss such as structural instability or microbial growth. Following the Standard of Care for commercial water damage restoration gets you back in business and protects your structure, customers, employees, and reputation.

Furthermore, should the loss be an insurance claim, the carrier will expect and require adherence to the Standard of Care in order to consider the claim.  Accurate documentation includes detailed photographs of the loss and the progress, the Advanced Record of Drying Conditions Report, Inspection Report (updated daily during the drying period).

Take a look to learn more about Compleat’s water damage mitigation and documentation process.

Standard of Care – What’s in it for YOU?

If you are a facility, operations, or property manager, the proper Standard of Care matters to you. You want the commercial water damage cleaned up fast by a company who is experienced in the mechanics of the project. More, you need that documentation as proof of a job done perfectly according to industry standards.

Standard of Care  – the Proof You Want, the Documentation You Need.

As a valued commercial ERP (Emergency Response Program) customer, you are presented with your Standard of Care Packet following the successful mitigation of the loss. Your representative will review this packet with you in a debriefing conversation. The document is for your records in case a question arises or should you decide to sell the property. The Standard of Care Restoration Packet includes photographs of the loss, the drying documents, the work authorization, and any other documents specific to your loss and industry.

Standard of Care – Your Goal is Our Goal

The Standard of Care in commercial water damage restoration is sophisticated and can be complicated to execute successfully, but choosing Compleat for your commercial water loss makes it easy for you. You call us… we take care of the details for you.

If this level of documentation, expertise, and service sounds attractive to you, contact Compleat at 800-699-1176  or contact us to get started on an Emergency Response Plan for your business.

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