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Commercial Restoration and Compleat’s Four Pillars

Commercial restoration differs from a property disaster in a home. When the damage is in your home, it is emotional because your home is an extension of you. Property damage at your place of business may also be emotional. However, there are also moving parts and more stakeholders involved in the loss. Business disruptions, customer impact, and inventory management. These are just some of the key issues that occur in a commercial property loss. To solve the problem, Compleat’s Commercial Restorations follows four pillars: safety, stability, communication, and continuity.

Commercial Restoration Requires Safety at the Forefront

Nothing is more important than the safety of people and structures when managing a loss. The risk is too great for additional loss and counterproductive to providing restoration services when safety isn’t at the forefront. Compleat Restorations focuses on safety because we care about everyone.

Typical safety issues include:

  • Mold exposure
  • Hazardous materials
  • Structural weaknesses
  • Utility failure including electricity and gas
  • Construction-related safety hazards

A safety assessment must be the first step when first encountering a property loss. Take note though that it is also a factor into the restoration plan.

Commercial Restoration Must Focus on Stability

A loss must be stabilized immediately to prevent any further damage to the structure. To contain the disaster, fires must be extinguished. Stopping the water source is critical. Also, structures should be tarped and boarded up immediately. Once the disaster is contained, emergency services must engage to minimize the loss.

Pre-cleaning, water extraction, dehumidification, contents salvaging and containment may all have a role in emergency services to get the loss under control. Compleat Restorations is proficient in minimizing losses which also plays a part in minimizing costs.

Great Communication Allows for Flexibility

Communication is the single most important factor in success. This is not only on the restoration process but also the health of the commercial client. Communications must be honest, transparent, frequent and informative with respect to all affected parties. Variables can change in emergency restoration with commercial buildings with new information daily. The needs of various departments or unexpected changes in work scope. Great communication will allow others to prepare, plan and be flexible to the changing needs of a job.

Communication is everybody’s responsibility. Compleat Restorations uses communication software to assist all involved parties with their communication needs.

Commercial Restoration Requires Continuity

Everyone must understand the needs immediately. This is to maximize the remaining usable capacity of the commercial client.  With that, they can resume business as much as possible as quickly as they can. Revenue disruptions are only one issue a commercial client may experience. Their customers may switch providers if they are not meeting their needs. Employees may need to find work elsewhere and find a new company to call home. Valuable operating equipment and inventory that is not easily replaced and essential to production can become logistically inaccessible causing painfully prolonged delays.

Everyone plays a role in being creative and pragmatic. This is to ensure the highest level of business continuity during the restoration process. Expediting the repairs is crucial. This is to be certain that the business can open as soon as possible to resume normal operations. Compleat Restorations excels in helping businesses get back on their feet.

Compleat Restorations commits these four pillars of commercial restoration to their clients each time we are on the job.  It is important that your contractors and employees have the focus on these items as well. This is so that you can get back on track. Afterwards, you will achieve the success that you and your team worked hard to achieve.