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The Right Tool to do the Right Job – STARC Case Study

A Commercial Kitchen Restoration Case Study

On January 22, 2019, a sprinkler head burst in the ceiling of a commercial kitchen in a nursing home, drenching the ceiling, drywall, and flooring. Compleat Restorations was called to put things right again.
The dilemma – how to get this area dry while serving meals to 188 residents and satisfying the Department of Health’s appetite for health and food safety requirements. The nursing home kitchen staff needed to prepare meals, Compleat Restorations needed to use equipment to dry out the structure. Everyone needed to do their job right, but not at the expense of the other.
Containment in Construction and Restoration
A commercial water restoration project is inherently a disruptive endeavor. The dust, debris, and noise are inevitable, but unacceptable in a commercial kitchen that is responsible to serve a vulnerable population and is accountable to the Department of Health inspections. Other restoration companies use plastic-sheeting for protection and containment. Not the right tool for this job.
STARC – The Right Tool for A Commercial Kitchen Water Restoration Project
Compleat Restorations served up a better solution in the kitchen: The STARC Containment System. The STARC temporary wall system is a containment system that is designed for healthcare renovation settings. It’s safe, reusable, airtight, reduces noise by 50%, is easily disinfected, and is the right tool to contain restoration and construction projects, especially in healthcare settings.
Compleat Restorations strategically installed the STARC temporary wall panel system in the food service area. Instantly, the restoration project and the associated dust and noise disappeared while efficient workflow for the kitchen staff was re-established. Compleat Restorations worked to effectively dry and restore the area while food service employees safely prepared and served meals to residents. The STARC System exceeds ICRA Class IV requirements, so as the STARC panels went up, the worry over the Department of Health inspection went down.
Where Can I Find the Right Tool for My Job?
When the restoration project was finished and the kitchen was dry, Compleat Restorations dismantled and removed the STARC containment panels, unveiling the restored and cleaned kitchen like magic; a commercial kitchen put back together the right way.  Compleat Restorations is proud to be the exclusive services provider for STARC Systems, the industry’s most innovative temporary containment system. We can provide you with the right tool for your construction or renovations job.
Having the right tool to do the right job in this commercial kitchen made the difference between disaster and serving up a successful outcome.