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Revolutionary New Way to Keep Hotel Fire Damage Restoration Impact Down

If you own or manage of the 285 hotels in Lancaster County or 169 hotels in York County, it’s time to listen up. You’re already working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to keep guests happy. You’ve already gone through the mandatory training on hurricanes, health inspections, hotel standards and employees.

You’re not thinking about actual fires because you’re too busy putting the fires you experience each day at your hotel. You’re too busy cleaning up, troubleshooting problems with your staff, and making sure your team has the tools they need to excel in their jobs.

Fire Damage Restoration Costs: The Looming Problem That’s Not on Your Radar

It’s worth serious consideration to think about how you can be proactive now to reduce your fire damage restoration costs now.

Each year United States fire departments respond to an average of 3,900 structure fires causing more than $76 million in property damage, leaving countless people injured or dead. This isn’t a problem of yesteryear.

Many hotels boast how they’re virtually fireproof, but time and time again, hotel decision-makers are proven wrong.

Take these three recent examples: The McConnell Hotel in downtown Kellogg, Idaho burned to a shell on Aug. 30, 2017. That same day a fire ravaged the Sheraton Hotel in Universal City in Los Angeles gravely injuring a worker and firefighter. Then on Sept. 1, a fire, caused by a burning vehicle, burned the exterior of the Country Inn and Suites, 665 Tecumseh St. in Monroe Michigan.

As a hotel manager, probably think that you’ve done everything you can to keep your keep your costs down while keeping your guests safe. Think again. Hotels aren’t indestructible.

That’s why it’s critical to develop a plan now.

If you haven’t taken the time to do emergency planning through Compleat Restorations, you’re at risk of catastrophic loss, dreadful public relations and death.

It’s time for a new way.

How Pre-Planning Keeps Fire Damage Impact Costs Down

Compleat Restorations, which has been working with fire damage since 1978, understands the only way to be prepared for a catastrophic event is through pre-planning.  It’s the most effective way to keep fire damage restoration costs down. After all, you know that it’s far more expensive to have vacant rooms than it is to keep them full. Imagine if they’re swallowed up by flames.

How does it work?

Industry experts will interview you to learn about the specific nature of your hotel and help you fill in the gaps in your existing emergency plan.

After an extensive interview, Compleat Restorations will tour your hotel to look for vulnerabilities. They’ll find many you previously overlooked. They’re keeping a keen eye out for electrical malfunctions and heat systems and areas where most fires start like the kitchen.

Pre-Planning Uncovers Nuances You Won’t Know to Find

Compleat Restorations sees your hotel from a different perspective than you do. When you walk through your hotel you’ll see nuances like check in and check out times, who on your staff is happy and who isn’t and if there’s enough coffee for your guests. Trained professionals have more than 40 years of experience so they have seen all vulnerabilities you wouldn’t know to find. They’re making note of hazards, emergency exits, mechanical housings, and information and technology headquarters.

After the data is collected, Compleat Restorations prepares a digital as well as hard copy confidential emergency plan.

This plan is the revolutionary new way to keep your fire damage costs down. It also means you’ll be able to recover quickly should a catastrophe strike. The plan minimizes confusion and should the event unfold, you’ll be able to spring into action and know with assuredness that you’re making wise decisions.

Pre-planning is the only way to keep your hotel fire damage restoration impact down.

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