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Uncovering the Hidden Dangers: Why Professional Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration is Crucial

In the aftermath of a fire, the visible damage caused by flames is usually the immediate cause for concern. However, what many homeowners fail to realize is that the true danger lies in the aftermath. The lingering smoke and soot can wreak havoc on not only your health, but property as well. That’s why professional … Continued

What to Do If Pipes Burst In House

Ah! The dreaded burst pipe experience. It’s enough to make any home or business owner cringe. Yet, while dealing with a burst pipe is never fun, there are ways to minimize the damage and, ultimately, the frustration brought about by burst pipes and flooding. So, let’s take a look at what to do when dealing … Continued

8 Home Improvement Ideas To Avoid Emergency Repairs Down The Road

Home renovation can be costly, complicated, and potentially frustrating. However, home improvements impact far more than your property’s appearance. They can also be responsible for increasing property value and protecting your home from serious damage when and if a disaster hits down the road. Many simple home improvement ideas won’t break the bank, and can … Continued

Home Renovation vs. Home Restoration

There are few undertakings as daunting as making major changes to your home! It’s a complex task to tackle, particularly when dealing with an older house. It may hold sentimental value or retro charm. We become quite attached to the places we live, so it’s easy to get nit-picky when you’re crafting the structure that … Continued

Black Soot – What Is It and Why Is It in My House?

An issue that has plagued homeowners for years, black soot mysteriously damaging and discoloring walls and furniture. Only within the last 20 years has there been hard evidence supporting an cause for black soot deposition (BSD) inside homes. If you notice your once clean air filter is now completely black, and your newly painted walls … Continued

Airplane Maneuvers

As restorers, we are called to help in an infinite variety of circumstances; each loss is unique because of the customers we service. Some projects, however, are particularly memorable because of the contents. On April 2, 2017, a townhouse fire affected several homes.  Compleat Restorations was summoned by the fire company to help secure property, … Continued

When the Smoke Clears – What About Teddy?

It is difficult to think about how the impact of a fire in your home would affect your life. Those who have experienced this will tell you about the little things that they did not consider at first. The fire is out, and your family is safe. Restoration professionals arrive to stabilize the structure of … Continued

What should I do when fire or smoke damage happens to me?

After smoke and fire damage it is natural to want to jump right in and clean the building and contents. Timely action can be a great help, but incorrect action can jeopardize or impede satisfactory restoration. When fire or smoke damage happens to you… Clean and protect chrome trim on faucets and other brightwork by … Continued

The Cardiologists of Construction

Restoration services, like cardiologists, are not something customers typically shop around for. Therefore, most customers do not know what to expect since we perform in emergency circumstances. In many ways we are like the cardiologists of construction. If you’ve never suffered a heart attack (and we hope you never do), chances are that you will … Continued

Here’s a Quick and Easy Way to Deal with Fire Damage

Fire damage in your home or business is devastating. You feel helpless. It feels like you can’t do anything except stand back and watch the tragedy unfold. You feel the heat on your face; you can hear the hissing, pops and bangs of the fire singeing your possessions. Fire damage makes you feel vulnerable. Fire … Continued