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The Cardiologists of Construction

Restoration services, like cardiologists, are not something customers typically shop around for. Therefore, most customers do not know what to expect since we perform in emergency circumstances. In many ways we are like the cardiologists of construction. If you’ve never suffered a heart attack (and we hope you never do), chances are that you will not understand the process if you are faced with it. Here are some facts about what we do.
The unplanned guest – It is safe to say that most customers do not anticipate our services more than an hour in advance. There is nothing more uncomfortable than having someone in your home when you are not ready. Although this circumstance is highly unavoidable if you need emergency services, fear not, we are not grading you. Inasmuch as a cardiologist does not care if you combed your hair before you arrive in the emergency room with a heart attack, we are indifferent as to whether or not the laundry and dishes have been put away. We are focused on your needs.
Someone you can trust – You need to know that you can trust the restoration team just as you would your cardiologist. Employees go through an intense vetting process before being put on the team. We know that your home is sacred which is why we perform due process to make certain that you and your home are safe with our team.
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The living home – Homes to us are a complex living organism just as your body is to a cardiologist. It is important that we understand the mechanics of building systems to make certain that we are focusing on the right affected areas and making sure that no other areas become unnecessarily affected.
Understanding symptoms – A cardiologist will tell you that not all heart issues are the same. We would also say the same about water and fire losses in homes. When this happens, we say that we have a sick home, and to properly treat it, we need to identify and correct the symptoms. Mold and soot are particular symptoms that we look for and correct.
Putting you back together – You would not expect your cardiologist to walk away from the table after he opened you up. If we have to open up our patients (your home), we understand how important it is to put you back together. We quickly formulate a plan to replace walls, ceilings, floors, and other affected areas of the home so that when we are done, your home looks like it did the hour before your loss happened.
In the event your home or business has a heart attack, call the cardiologists of construction to make you well again.
Submitted by Aaron Jacobs, Business Development Consultant, Compleat Restorations