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What to Do If Pipes Burst In House

Ah! The dreaded burst pipe experience. It’s enough to make any home or business owner cringe. Yet, while dealing with a burst pipe is never fun, there are ways to minimize the damage and, ultimately, the frustration brought about by burst pipes and flooding. So, let’s take a look at what to do when dealing with a burst pipe. 

Oh Great! A Burst Pipe.

You might be minding your own business one wintery morn when you find yourself slipping and sliding through puddles of water on the floor. You might be washing your hands, and the water pressure suddenly drops. Or you might hear water trickling through the walls or see water damage on the ceiling. Or a geyser of water erupting out of your backyard. These and other tell-tale signs of a burst pipe during freezing temperatures are enough to ruin your day. 

While it would be nice to ignore the problem and hope it fixes itself, a burst pipe requires immediate attention. Even the smallest burst can grow into a major problem, so it is best to tackle it head-on. Yet, what is to be done?

The first step is locating the general area of the burst pipe, if possible. Narrowing it down to an exact location is if the pipes are exposed or easily accessible. Yet more often than not, burst pipes are where you can’t see or access them easily. If you can locate the culprit, then great! However, if you can’t find the precise spot where the burst occurred, don’t worry. You can still take action to minimize its effects until a professional can locate, examine, and repair the pipe in question.

Steps You Can Take To Minimize The Damage From Burst Pipes

Whether it’s a job for a professional or you are a burst pipe DIY superstar, there are six steps that you can take to keep burst pipes in check. 

Turn Off Water

Removing the water source from the equation is crucial as shutting off water valves ensures leaks or flooding are minimized, preventing further damage. It also allows time to remove standing water and dry areas to further lessen water damage and mold. In addition, you or a plumber will need to repair the pipe with the water off.

Clear Area

Once the water source has been neutralized, it’s a good idea to clear the affected area of any furniture, household items, office supplies, or other movable items that might be further damaged by water, hinder cleanup, or pose a danger. This can help minimize damage costs and give you more working room during the cleanup and repair process. However, always exercise caution when moving electronics in wet or flooded areas. Do not attempt to move or unplug electronics if electrical outlets or wiring have been compromised by water damage. If this has occurred, cut off power and call an electrician immediately. 

Soak Up Excess Water

Removing water and drying areas is another important step that ensures you keep water damage to a minimum. Even with the water turned off and a burst pipe temporarily fixed, water and flood damage can lead to excessive repair and restoration costs. So, it’s time to bust out the mop and bucket, towels, shop vac, sponges, and anything else you can use to soak up water.

Use Heater, Fans, and Dehumidifiers

Using heaters to bolster drying areas affected by water leaks can help minimize damage. In addition, fans can improve circulation in damp areas, so the air does not become stagnant and susceptible to mold growth. Dehumidifiers can also help speed drying by removing moisture from the air, adding further protection from mold and mildew. Just be sure not to place electronic devices in or near water.

Assess/Repair Damaged Pipe Or Plumbing

Once the water is off and damps conditions nullified, you can set your sights on repairing the burst pipe. If you can’t locate the burst pipe or you just aren’t crazy about breaking out the plumbing tools, a licensed plumber can find, assess, and repair the breakage for you. If you are a burst pipe DIY-er, there are various ways you can temporarily fix the pipe, such as with a patch or sealer and a pipe repair clamp. However, regardless of how well a temporary fix might be put in place, it is always best to contact a licensed repair professional as soon as possible.

Contact a Licensed Professional

The sooner you contact a licensed plumbing specialist to examine the issue, the better off you will be. Even with water valves shut off and excess water removed, the potential for lingering structural damage is still high. So, calling in a professional immediately to assess the problem areas and discuss repairs can save you time, frustration, and a whole lot of money down the road.

How Compleat Restorations Can Help

Compleat Restorations understands that burst pipes are one of the many frustrating calamities that befall home and business owners. If not caught quickly, water and flood damage can be excessive and cause much doom and gloom. Yet, the Compleat Restorations team is here to help do the heavy lifting for you so that you can get on with your life.

Compleat Restorations water and flood damage repair process is fast and easy, including you and your insurance company during every step of the way. Compleat Restorations takes care of it all from start to finish. Steps include:

  • Water Damage Inspection
  • Water Extraction
  • Monitored Drying and Mold Prevention
  • Restoring Water-Damaged Household Belongings

From assessing water damage categories to cleanup and restoration, our technicians can help you navigate the aftermath of a burst pipe, whether minor repairs or significant rebuilds of your home or business. We also features full-service general contractor services, so you have the confidence that we have you covered from start to finish.

Compleat Restorations is Here to Assist With Your Broken Pipes

Compleat Restorations helps ease the frustration caused by burst pipes by providing you with the expertise, customer care, and understanding that has made us the go-to repair and restoration specialists for over 40 years. So, don’t let knowing what to do when you find a burst pipe loom over you like a dark cloud. Instead, contact Compleat Restorations for fast and thorough service that will have you smiling again.