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Commercial Restoration and Compleat’s Four Pillars

Commercial restoration differs from a property disaster in a home. When the damage is in your home, it is emotional because your home is an extension of you. Property damage at your place of business may also be emotional. However, there are also moving parts and more stakeholders involved in the loss. Business disruptions, customer … Continued

The Best Time to Deal with Commercial Property Damage is Before It Happens

How Will You React? How will your business react to a property disaster such as a flood, fire, hurricane, or environmental emergency? Will you frantically search the internet, trust a billboard or radio ad, call a number from the Yellow Pages only to discover that there’s a waiting list or be disappointed that the company … Continued

Riding the Wave of Commercial Property Damage

Commercial property loss such as fire damage, water intrusion, microbial or other environmental issues can make you feel like you’re drowning.  You experience an overwhelming tsunami of emotions as you surf the gnarly waves of emergency mitigation, repair of the source and structure, dealing with shareholders and employees – all while desperately trying to keep … Continued

The Right Tool to do the Right Job – STARC Case Study

A Commercial Kitchen Restoration Case Study On January 22, 2019, a sprinkler head burst in the ceiling of a commercial kitchen in a nursing home, drenching the ceiling, drywall, and flooring. Compleat Restorations was called to put things right again. The dilemma – how to get this area dry while serving meals to 188 residents … Continued

The Heart of Restoration

Helping People Recover Helping people recover from fire damage, storm damage, water intrusion, and other unforeseen property catastrophes is highly rewarding work. The horror of a natural disaster, the unpredictable property mishaps that happen in home and business, the immediate summons of rapid response to prevent further damage and costly delays, the challenge of facing … Continued

3 Restoration Service Menu Offerings You May Not Know About

Other Restoration Services Menu Offerings and Why You Need Them Everyone knows that Compleat Restorations is the industry leader in water, mold, fire, and storm restoration. These events are bad for buildings. Successful facilities managers have an Emergency Response Plan with Compleat. They’ve “feasted on” the customer experience that Compleat serves up and “tasted” the … Continued

How To Survive Commercial Property Large Loss

Commercial property large loss is a facility manager’s nightmare. The sudden occurrence of water damage from a burst pipe? The horror of a fire or the devastation from a hurricane? This can cause your business and operations to cease. How do you survive such a large, catastrophic property loss? Will you be able to stay … Continued