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New Covenant Christian School

Vandalism Recovery: Erasing the Damage
On Friday, October 14, 2016, an unsuspecting teacher came to school early in the morning to be greeted by a disaster scene. Shattered glass, broken computers, fire extinguisher dust, and other evidence of mayhem pointed to an overnight vandalism event on the property. The affected rooms were left unsafe for the staff and students as the school gripped with their shock and heartbreak for such senseless behavior. The school needed an A+ solution, and fast.

School was canceled for the day for safety reasons and the administrator called Compleat Restorations for help. Team leaders responded swiftly arriving on site within the hour to assess damages and make a plan. Safety and continuity would be the key for Compleat Restorations to make the grade. The crew arrived immediately to begin mitigating the damages.

The students may have been enjoying their unplanned day off from school, but the Compleat team worked with fervor and diligence. Time would be the big-gest challenge because students needed to return to school on Monday. No excuses. The facility would need to be clean, safe, and secure for the wellbeing of students and faculty.

Crews kept a steady pace through the weekend using specialty equipment and advanced restoration cleaning processes such as deodorization, negative air, air scrubbing, and HEPA vacuuming so that when Monday arrived the clean desks, sparkling hallways, and gleaming woodwork welcomed teachers and students into a brand new week of learning. The new 3 R’s for this school was Respond, Remove and Restore.