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Winter Fire Safety Tips for Businesses

‘Tis the season! The season of preparation and fire safety, that is. The cold temperatures are finally coming around, and with it, all the ups and downs of winter weather. Along with this drastic change in lifestyle comes hidden dangers and safety issues. When it comes to your business, you should take all the winter fire safety tips you can get!

Fire safety for commercial locations is a must for many reasons. For one, it’s your livelihood! Owners who are willing to put in long hours to maximize their business should naturally want to take all the precautions they can to protect it. On top of this, keeping business alive during the harsher months is necessary to provide for your family.

So, what bases does a responsible business owner need to cover so he or she can sleep well at night? Lucky for you, Compleat has extensive experience in this area, and we’ve compiled all the top tips here for you. Let’s dive in!

Heat Sources

Furnaces are a major source of serious fires in large buildings. When it’s your own home, you may be more aware of any issues beginning, but you can forget about the upkeep in the midst of busy business. When it comes to industrial heating, having a professional inspect your system is the smartest decision. Once before winter is sufficient, if only so that you know you can blast the heat worry-free.

Space heaters are another common reason for fires breaking out. Depending on the type of operation you’re running, these may or may not be in use on-site. If so, having great care is a must to never leave space heaters or other similar appliances unattended! Space heaters are the cause of nearly 50% of home fires. If your business requires similar heating sources, odds are even more devices will be in use than a common household

No matter what form heating takes in your place of business, being responsible about watching for problems is key. This may require assigning duties to employees for keeping an eye or checking on heating sources during the day. Remember to also double-check when closing down at the end of the shift.

Electrical Systems

You can’t be everywhere at once, but your system of smoke detectors can! Ensure that every device has a stock of sufficient batteries and is in working order. Over 50% of all fires on commercial properties happened in establishments that lacked functioning smoke detectors. Create a schedule for regular check-ups and replacements.

Extension cord overload is another often-overlooked issue that can lead to disastrous situations. Too much power flowing through the same cords or outlets is a recipe for an electrical fire. If you are able to, have more outlets installed to decrease the load put on each of them. When using extension cords or power strips, take care to not overload them.

When it comes to larger appliances, this is doubly important. The larger the appliance, the more direct connection to power it should be given to prevent overload. In other words, don’t plug a refrigerator into a power strip or extension cord! Large equipment, particularly for heating, can push any connection to its limits as is.

Workplace Education and Awareness

As with any safety effort, success can often depend on the team itself. Bring your employees together to review the standards and guidelines that your workplace is going to maintain. Taking precautions pays off, but it needs to be a company-wide effort! Give your workers a rundown of essential winter fire safety tips.

Explain the sort of things that need to be reported or dealt with immediately, such as frayed wires, or unattended heaters. Run through a plan of action for dealing with fires, and a plan of escape for when a situation becomes too serious. The last thing that you want to be added to a disaster is lost or panicking employees!

The way you approach safety planning decides how your workforce will respond. If you want a crew that is genuinely concerned for keeping you, each other, and the building safe from fires, they need to feel that you genuinely are too. Whatever fits your company the best is the approach you should take, whether it be a bi-annual seminar, an online course, or simply small handout guides.

Fire Damage Restoration

Once a fire-damaged property is released by the fire marshal, it should be stabilized. Exposed areas should be boarded up – not only to protect them from the weather but as an increased security measure. Site security personnel and temporary fencing installations discourage trespassers or looting. 

If the property is stable enough for professionals to enter, pre-cleaning can begin. Fire damage clean-up specialists should dry any and all areas wet from when emergency personnel extinguished the fire. An initial pre-clean of any smoke-affected areas should be performed to halt the damage.

Left untreated, smoke odour can linger for a long time after the fire. Professional-level tools and techniques to reduce smoke odour including negative air containment, deodorization, ozone, sealing, and thermal fogging. Depending on the type of loss, repairing your property involves a variety of repairs. 

Compleat is well-versed in every single aspect of fire damage restoration. We make sure every single one of those boxes is checked, and more.

Compleat Commercial Restoration Services

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of dealing with fire damage, Compleat Restorations is here to restore your livelihood quickly, professionally, and affordably! A large fire during winter can be extra complicated and frustrating. This is the last time of year you would ever want to deal with such a severe issue.

Our highly skilled and attentive experts are on your side and ready to respond by:

  • Expediting the insurance process and meeting requirements.
  • Having the experience, contacts, and resources to handle any size loss.
  • Utilizing our mobile workstation, so your business can stay active during restoration.
  • In addition to rebuilding, rapidly cleaning and returning your documentation and office equipment, securing your building around the clock.
  • Deodorizing and segregating contiguous space for continued use.
  • Having a full complement of services such as construction, sterilizing, cleaning, drying, and temporary storage.
  • Having environmental solutions for mold, infection control, asbestos, and air quality.

Compleat was founded in 1978, but in 2012 we ourselves were the victims of a workplace fire. This gave us the unique (and discouraging) experience that we think back on as we put in the work to salvage your vision, just like ours. Whether you are currently in need of assistance, or possibly just looking to prepare properly, head to our Commercial Disaster Recovery Services page for more information.