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When You Must Call A Professional For Property Restoration

People who are reeling from the effects of fire or water damage know the value of immediate property restoration. There is a headache and mental trouble of going through this ordeal. Restoring a damaged property may involve a lot of time, money, and resources. In this article, we will show you when it may be time to pick up the phone. When is the time to call a professional for your needed restoration work?

What do professional restoration companies do?

You may think that you can restore property from fire damage or flood water damage by yourself – and in some mild cases, that could be true. However, in most cases, you will need to call a professional restoration company to do the work for you. A restoration company is composed of skilled and highly trained professionals. Their passion and line of work are geared towards restoring damaged property.

Unlike individuals or contractors who carry little to basic knowledge, those who work in restoration companies have the capacity and skills to do the following:

  • Make an extensive evaluation of your property
  • Prepare a detailed list of damages and expenditure
  • Coordinate with your insurance company
  • Offer safety tips to prevent any similar incident from happening again

Professional work vs. DIY for property restoration?

Some people consider hiring a professional to be costly, and can even go to great lengths as to say that they can do the fixing on their own. While this may be true in light and simple cases, the decision to call a professional could make or break your business or family dynamic and even save you money in the long run.

Here are some of the top reasons why hiring a professional restoration company might be a better option that doing it by yourself:

Rapid response

Addressing property damage usually requires immediate attention. Instead of venturing into an uncertain DIY work, calling a professional restoration company can effectively save you time. 

Professional excellence

There’s just no going around it – professional services will yield better quality output than a DIY project. When it comes to restoring a building or property, a lot of intricacies are involved such as structural integrity, electrical wiring, material strength, and mold growth in the case of flood water damage. These things form the bread and butter of any restoration company, and it’s wise to bring the situation to them.

Complete equipment

One reason behind the excellence in the work quality of restoration companies is the bulk of tools and equipment in their arsenal. These companies own specialized equipment to carry out time-intensive work such as drying out wet surfaces or draining out flood water.

Lower cost

You may be wondering how paying someone to do the job could cost you less than a DIY exercise. Sure, you’re going to have to shell out for the services of professionals. However, you’ll realize later that you’re actually saving money because:

  • It takes less time for professionals to fix the problem
  • You don’t need to buy expensive equipment, because the restoration company will provide them for you
  • Most restoration companies have a comprehensive warranty program, in case an issue comes up after the restoration work
  • The restoration company knows how to coordinate with your insurance company so that you can maximize the claims

Property protection

Restoration professionals can guarantee that your property is protected from experiencing the same tragedy. They can do this because part of their work is putting safeguards in place and ensuring that your property is free from mold or bacterial growth.

When to call a professional restoration company

Make sure to reach out to your neighborhood restoration company, as soon as you witness or see signs of the following:

Severe fire damage restoration

A building or company property damaged by fire cannot simply be restored through a DIY project. There’s a sense of urgency when dealing with commercial or residential fire and smoke damage, which will require the immediate response of professionals.

Aside from the visible damage to structures, smoke and odor may also cause destruction of your property. It’s a good thing that restoration companies are skilled to address smoke-related issues so that you won’t need to deal with removing or covering up the odor.

Severe flood damage restoration

Water has the ability to destroy any type of property, no matter how small the leak or flooding may seem to be. That’s because water can seep through crevices and soak in surfaces quickly.

The moment you see flood water pooling in an area of your commercial or residential property, call a property restoration professional ASAP. Failing to address flood damage within 24 hours may lead to the following problems:

  • Seepage of water in absorbent flooring and carpeting
  • Water entry into wall crevices may eventually reach your electrical system
  • Mold and bacterial growth especially in hard-to-reach areas
  • Permanent stains on light-colored materials

Severe storm damage

Aside from the water that it brings, a heavy storm may also cause physical damage to windows, roofs, and external structures of your home, property, or facility. When you call a professional to deal with residential storm damage or commercial storm damage, they will prepare for restoration work on a potential combination of water damage and structural degradation.

Other property problems

At times, you may not be hit by sudden fire or flooding, but you still discover some issues within your property. Feel free to call a professional restoration company when you see the following signs:

  • Growth and spread of molds or bacteria: mold needs to be addressed quickly. Otherwise, your health could be at stake.
  • Suspicious powdery substances: If your building or facility was built decades ago, asbestos may still be present within your property. Asbestos is dangerous to your health, and therefore needs to be taken away from your vicinity.

How to have your home professionally restored

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