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What should I do in the event of mold damage?

Mold is potentially harmful depending upon the age and health of the persons exposed to mold, and the type and quantity of mold present. Mold exists everywhere in nature, but it grows indoors due to high humidity and water intrusion.
Do. . . .

Call a professional remediator if the mold is excessive or causing any health problems.
Clean everyday shower mold with normal household products.
Monitor humidity in damp areas such as basement, laundry room, and bathroom
Visit for helpful guidance about moisture & mold in buildings

Don’t. . . .

Allow unwanted water or mold to go unchecked.
Allow the relative humidity to exceed 60%. Use a dehumidifier as needed.
Self-diagnose and attempt remediation from a significant water damage.

In the Event of an Emergency…What’s Next?
There are some steps you can take to minimize the impact of a disaster. They include:

Get to safety – Make sure your family is safe and comfortable; go to a friend’s or relative’s home; a hotel or motel; any place where you can catch your breath and gather your thoughts.
Call Your Insurance Agent – Agents have extensive experience in dealing with disasters, and they will quickly start working on your behalf.
Contact the Experts – You will need a restoration company that you can trust–a company that has experience in dealing with insurance companies, offers reasonable completion dates, and has a local reputation for living up to its promises.
Save as Much Property as You Can, If It’s Safe to Do So – Family heirlooms provide a link to the past and will help you recover. Electronics can also often be restored by a qualified restoration specialist. However, no piece of personal property is worth risking your safety; don’t enter an unsafe building for any reason.
Don’t Get Discouraged – Your life will get back to normal. Your home or business can be restored to look as good as or better than it did before. Talk to your insurance adjuster and restoration company; they can advise you of your options.

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