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The Sweet Smell of Success – Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

The Stink of Despair After Commercial Fire Damage
Part of your commercial fire damage recovery will be putting the fire behind you. It’s hard to do that when absolutely everything smells like smoke: rooms, desks, soft goods, furniture, and equipment  – they emit a smoke odor that continues to contaminate the air and pollute your spirit. The smoke odor clings to every surface and lingers in the air like a demon you just can’t shake. You notice and are haunted by the smoke odor constantly – it even clings to your clothes and hair. Your employees notice, complaining about the unhealthy air quality and may become ill or unproductive. Your customers notice and while they may be too polite to mention it, they wonder about the quality of your service or product in a smelly environment. Smoke odor sends a message of dirt, despair, and failure. Is that the message you want to send to your valued customers?
How can you possibly be rid of this odor after a commercial fire? Do you use air fresheners, hoping that they will cover up the foul odor? Do you try to tackle the cleaning yourself, knowing that to do it effectively, you will need to clean every single surface and object that the smoke penetrated – and clean it as deeply as the smoke itself? How is this possible? Or do you surrender the business property that you worked so hard to furnish and equip?
You don’t have to abandon your business but you do need to clear the air.
What’s Sweet about Compleat Restorations Smoke Odor Restoration?
Compleat Restorations clears the air after commercial fire damage with odor elimination and deodorization techniques. We sniff out the problem by customizing a commercial smoke odor restoration plan according to the type of smoke damage (electrical, protein, nicotine). The first step is a pre-clean. This initial cleaning halts the further penetration of smoke from building structure and surfaces from the top down. Next, any contents such as documents, photos, furniture, soft goods, and tools are carefully packed, inventoried, and transported to our processing center for cleaning. Your contents will be processed according to material type using our ultrasonic technology, ozone deodorization, or the Esporta Soft Contents Machine.
Meanwhile, we’re still onsite at your business clearing the air. We place odor eliminating equipment such as air scrubbers, STARC containment panels, and negative air machines that will work quickly to sweeten your smoke damage restoration project.
Sweetening the Deal
Thermal fogging is an effective smoke odor deodorization method because it recreates the fire-related properties of heat and pressurization. Porous materials pick up thermally activated deodorant droplets in the same manner in which they picked up the smoke odors, closely duplicating what occurs during a fire. Essentially, thermal fogging acts like the smoke that caused the odor and can penetrate all the smoke affected surfaces and clean the odor thoroughly – saving the structure, furnishings, and ultimately your business.
Because thermal fogging acts like smoke from a fire, the procedure must be performed without occupants – no people or pets allowed. Smoke and security alarms are temporarily disarmed so they are not activated by the vapor output. You turn off any pilot lights (stove, water heater, boiler). We alert the local fire company and immediate neighbors so they will not be alarmed at the appearance of smoke on the property.  We post signs on all exits and entries and lock the doors and windows. The commercial smoke odor restoration team goes room by room directing the deodorizing vapor throughout all areas. Working from the top down, back to front, the team uses a Burgess Thermal Fogger to re-create the smoke, but with water-based deodorization. The dwell time is 2-4 hours during which time, the doors and windows remain locked. The team returns to visually measure that the area is clear and that the fog has dissipated before opening the windows for ventilation and adding additional fans for air movement.
Compleat Restorations and You – The Sweet Smell of Success
Your smoke-damaged building is restored, your cleaned contents are returned and unpacked for you, the air is sweet and you return to business – which once again smells of success.