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Smoke and Fire: What You’ve Always Wanted to Know

Smoke and fire ravaged your property leaving many questions behind. However, this isn’t the time to ask questions like how it started and what could have been done to prevent it.

This is the time to act quickly.

Smoke and Fire: Response Time Matters

When you see smoke and fire, everyone’s response time matters because within 30 seconds a small flame can spiral into a huge fire and within minutes an entire building can fill with smoke.

From the 911 caller, to the dispatcher to the fire department, your hope is that help will be rumbling down the road in under a minute.

Within six minutes firefighters should arrive to quell the blaze.  You wonder how long it’ll continue to burn but there are far too many factors involved to estimate burn time. Once it dies down, you’re left with a black, wet heap of what your property used to be.

Now what?

With smoke and fire, your response time matters as much as the dispatchers and the fire fighters.

What’s the first thing you need to do to repair your property?

Contact your insurance company and call your local fire damage restoration company. Act fast to prevent further damage.

Smoke and Fire: Emergency Pre-Cleaning Is Critical

Smoke and fire can spill anywhere in a property creating a chemical reaction that can cause irreversible damage. These residues are acidic, and as an example, can create pits in metal if it sits too long. You only have around 72 hours before the smoke and fire damage leave a permanent etch behind.

That’s why it’s important to act fast. The faster you call, the faster local fire restoration companies can get started.

When the fire restoration teams first arrive, you’ll see the team will board up and tarp your property to secure it. This stabilizes the building, prevents vandals from breaking in, and protects the property from further damage from the elements.

Then, if there’s water damage, teams will extract the water and begin the dehumidifying process.

The team will then begin process of removing the smoke and fire damage. They’ll clean laminates, porcelain, and other hard surfaces to stop chemical reaction from continuing to damage your property. Some of your belongings can be restored and some will have to be replaced by the insurance company.

Many of your belongings can be restored to their previous condition though ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning uses water, a cleaning agent, and sound waves to break down smoke and fire damage on intricate items that would otherwise be impossible to clean by hand like jewelry, vases and toys.

Smoke and Fire: Why Aren’t I Seeing Results Faster?

One of the biggest concerns smoke and fire victims express is why the process initially moves quickly and then seems to come to a halt. Initially, there’s a flurry of excitement: fire trucks, neighbors rushing to help. The fire restoration company rushes in, boards up the place and starts cleaning. Then it feels like everything just stops.


There are many reasons for it. Chiefly, your insurance policy will dictate how the fire damage repairs are handled including what they’ll cover, and what they won’t.

Smoke and Fire: Respond Fast to Save Your Belongings

Ultimately the best thing you can do is contact your insurance company first and then contact a fire restoration company immediately.

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Act fast.

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