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Prevent Mold, Mildew, & Other Nightmares During Your Summer Vacation

Summer vacation can feel like a dream, and coming back to your home should feel the same way. Unfortunately, unattended houses can quickly turn into nightmares if the proper steps aren’t taken to prevent problems. You want to be absolutely sure your house is going to be safe while you’re away. This is from mold to fires to flooding,

This article will dive into the causes of mold and what you can do to prevent it. It will also help you come up with strategies to avoid other unfortunate situations for the rest of this summer, as we prepare to head into fall.

What Causes Mold & Mildew?

This discolored and nasty-looking intruder is a type of fungi that grows organically. Mold emerges in threads that join together to form a larger organism (imagine the lawn in front of your house). These threads are called hyphae, and they’re constantly creeping outwards to find new substances to snack on. Over time they begin to release spores into the air, which aids in reproduction, effectively spreading the mold out across the space it resides in.

Mold generally grows in damp places because it thrives in moist environments. Due to this, mold is often found in shower rooms, humid basements, and other prime spots for setting up shop. Additionally, mold can stem from an improper water damage restoration job. Since mold can’t get food for itself, it must digest the surfaces it grows on. In nature, you’ll find mold decomposing leaves and wood. In a home, you’ll still find mold decomposing wood and other objects, which is where it evolves into hidden mold problems.

How to Prevent or Reduce Mold When You’re Away

There are a few tools and strategies you can use to prevent the growth of mold when you’re not around to keep an eye out.

Both ionizers and air purifiers are often bought to take care of similar problems, but many homeowners don’t take the time to compare the two technologies. Air purifiers physically pull in air through the filter in the machine. These filters are designed to pull the dander, pollen, and other dust-sized contaminants out of the environment. This essentially eliminates the source of many allergies and asthma triggers. 

Ionizers, on the other hand, rarely require filters. This is because the machine is not actively pulling in air, but spreading those negatively charged ions we talked about far and wide. Another upside is the reach—ionizers generally take care of more airspace for cheaper.

Another way to protect your roof and attic area from developing a mold problem is the proper use of insulation. Moisture can form in an attic without the presence of a leak. If your insulation isn’t up to par, it’s in your best interest to keep a close eye on the attic walls and roof. 

This is a weak point that many homeowners aren’t aware of. Ideally, your attic should be insulated from any warm and moist air rising from the interior of the house. Sealing any possible air leak spots and ensuring proper ventilation will go a long way toward preventing mold growth.

Use Your Summer Vacation to Prevent Hidden Mold Problems & Other Home Nightmares


Making sure your smoke alarms are properly maintained is necessary as well. They will “chirp” at you when the batteries are getting low, but it’s safer to test each one per month and replace all the batteries completely once a year. Making sure your system is in the correct condition can be the difference between showing back up to your home or showing back up to what used to be your home.

If you truly want the best fire prevention possible, consider installing an automatic sprinkler system inside your home. When smoke is detected, the sprinkler can extinguish the cause much quicker than it will take the fire department to respond to the scene.

On the other end of the spectrum, water can also be a threat to your home while you are away. You should always check the weather before you leave town to make sure your home is prepared for anything while you’re away as storm damage can wreak more havoc than most homeowners realize. This means cleaning out gutters to prevent a buildup of rain and the subsequent roof leak. Similarly, double-check your sump pump to make sure it’s in working order in case of a flood.

How Compleat Restorations Can Help You Fight Against Mold

Tackle mold before it starts with Compleat Restorations. Compleat has extensive experience in dealing with mold breakouts and prevention in homes. 

If you suspect your home has a mold problem, give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest. No matter what kind of mold services you need, our team of trained professionals works directly with you throughout the entire process.

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