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Hurricane Isaac 2012- New Orleans, LA

On August 25th 2012 Compleat Restorations sent a hurricane response team south to offer assistance from the potential damage from Hurricane Isaac. At that time Tropical Storm Isaac was slowly making its way through the Atlantic Ocean and heading toward Florida. The team of six set up a base camp in Orlando, FL to wait for the storm to arrive.

Over the next few days the storm turned west and ended up making direct landfall near New Orleans, LA the morning of August 28th. The team stationed itself in Pensacola, FL and waited for the storm to pass through. Shortly after the storm passed over we received a call to help a church located in the 9th ward of New Orleans.

The church’s roof had been damaged by the winds from the hurricane and water had leaked into the church as a result. The team quickly moved into New Orleans and set up a base camp in the church parking lot. The roof required several hundred feet of tarp to prevent further damage, removal of all saturated materials from the inside, complete sanitization and the structure needed to be dried out. A second church right down the street also asked for assistance for the exact same type of storm damage. Later that week we were called to a third church to assist with another tarp and dry out.

Overall the team was down south for a little more than two weeks and helped three local churches get back on their feet after Hurricane Isaac’s damaging rain and winds. In addition, we worked with the local Red Cross to hand out food and drinks for those in need.

Compleat Restorations prides itself in helping its local community but will also travel nationwide to offer help in times of tragedy.