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Fire Damage: 3 Resources to Use When You Don’t Have Insurance

Fire damage can be a nightmare if you don’t have insurance.

You’ve lost your personal belongings, your home and your morale. You feel drained and frustrated.

Now what?

On behalf everyone at Compleat Restorations, we’re sorry for your loss; we’re also here to help.

We’ve compiled a resource list three resources where you can go, locally, to begin to rebuild your life after your catastrophic fire damage.

Fire Damage: Contact the American Red Cross If You Don’t Have Insurance

First, if you don’t have insurance, the American Red Cross can be an invaluable resource. They offer tools to find open shelters as well as tools to help you remain safe after your fire, evaluate if it’s safe to return home as well as help you recover emotionally and financially.

They, like us, understand that the recovery process takes time.

As you’re going through the process, don’t be surprised if you feel frustrated for not having insurance in the first place. Dwelling on what you should have done in the past won’t help you moving forward. Instead, it’s a better idea to cut down on your spending as much as possible and do so quickly.

Here are a few quick ways to slash your bills after experiencing fire damage so that you can free up a little space in your budget:

Contact your utility company and let them know about the fire damage. If you can’t use it, there’s no sense paying for it.
Notify your phone company.
Cut out your Internet service to your fire damaged home.
If you have a home security system, contact the company.

Fire Damage: Contact the Lancaster County Coalition to End Homelessness

Second, when you’ve experienced fire damage but don’t have insurance, you’ll see the value in the Lancaster County Coalition to End Homelessness.

They offer alternative homes instead of temporary shelter. Their goal is to help people regain housing quickly and then they further assist people with achieving long term stability.

They do so because they understand one of the greatest reasons people experience homelessness is because there’s a sudden disruption to your family situation. Your disruption, unfortunately, was from fire damage. That’s not your fault. They’ll help you find an affordable place to stay.

Fire Damage: Contact the Lancaster Council of Churches

Third, the Lancaster Council of Churches is an extensive network that offers 140 partner congregations to help solve problems like the one you’re dealing with now—homelessness.

You’ll be able to get food, clothing, shelter and even wheels to work.

Their food hub allows provides fresh, healthy food to participants daily. They’ve collaborated with the Central Food Bank of Central PA to get food at a fraction of the cost. They’ll even offer cooking classes, too. You’re also able to get free and hot meals nearly every day.

You’ll also be able to get clothing through the Lancaster Council of Churches. You can even get business attire though them through the PA Work Wear Program.

Women and children can receive shelter from the YWCA of Lancaster where they’ll be able to have a warm bed and a hot meal during the winter season and there you’ll be able to begin working on your long-term housing solutions.

Finally, if your vehicle was damaged due to the fire, the Lancaster Council of Churches offers safe, reliable vehicles at well below retail value. You’ll learn more about the Wheels to Work Program here.