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Compleat Containment Solutions – STARC

We are proud to be the exclusive services provider for STARC Systems, the industry’s most innovative temporary containment system. The STARC System is aesthetically appealing and eliminates dust and debris from our restoration work while exceeding ICRA Class IV requirements. Ready to learn more about Compleat Containment Solutions? Read further below.

Compleat Restorations will transport, quietly install, break down, and remove your STARC Systems temporary containment for every phase of your project, while still providing you a cost-effective solution.

The STARC System segregates the noise and dust of renovations, so you can continue with your critical work without disruption. The installation process is quick and quiet.  Sound attenuating panels reduce renovation noise by up to 50%. The airtight system with proper installation exceeds ICRA Class IV requirements.

Superior durability provides years of reduced labor and material containment costs — saving you money. STARC temporary barrier wall systems are trusted by many of the leading hospitals and contractors around the country to eliminate the disruption from renovations.


  • It saves money by reducing downtime during the restoration process
  • Builds containment and eliminates transmission of construction zone agents (dust, debris, paint fumes, etc.)
  • No storage needs between uses
  • Reduces noise by up to 50%, allowing for normal business operations
  • ICRA Class IV compliant and supports high levels of negative pressure isolation


Healthcare Facilities

Commercial Offices/Warehouses


Nursing Homes

Educational Facilities




If you have further inquiries about the Compleat Containment Solutions, reach out to us here today.