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Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Plan

Catching fire is one of the most devastating threats to business and commercial properties. It’s causing billions of dollars in property loss and damage as well as personal injuries and fatalities. This is why knowing what to do immediately after a fire and organizing a commercial fire damage restoration plan can minimize further damage and costs.

Common Causes of Business Fires & Hidden Dangers

Every problem has its source, and many of the fires that come up in residential and commercial buildings are through something that is unnoticeable. By knowing the most common causes of commercial fires, you can take proper precautions to protect your business, employees, and property.

These are some of the most common causes of commercial fires:

  • Cooking-related incidents. Restaurants are not the only establishments that have encountered destructive fires. Healthcare facilities, educational institutions, offices, and stores have also experience fires due to cooking-related incidents in break rooms. 
  • Heating equipment. Many commercial buildings require heat depending on the climate. You need to regularly check boilers, furnaces, and other heating-related equipment to avoid overheating. You also need to have your HVAC systems maintained by professionals and replace old HVAC appliances.
  • Electrical connections. Check for old, faulty, or lose electrical connections. If you do not have a residential electrician in your building, hire a specialist to check on your electrical and lighting equipment regularly.
  • Smoking. Discarded lit cigarettes are serious fire hazards. To prevent this, you may need to implement a no-smoking policy in your building. This promotes healthier habits and reduces the risk for business fires. If this is not feasible for your company, you may designate smoking areas in open spaces away from the building and provide proper disposal units for used cigarettes and cigars.
  • Intentional Fire. This includes the deliberate misuse of a heat source. It is considered arson if there is a willful and malicious intent of setting a fire. If you believe there is a high risk of intentional fire in your business, you should consider hiring a security officer. 

What is a Fire Restoration Plan?

Even after a fire is put out, several critical concerns remain. Business owners face huge costs in property damage and may even face more costs without a proper fire damage restoration plan. As a business owner, you may be asking yourself,  “What is a fire restoration plan?”

A commercial fire damage restoration plan organizes the process of returning a fire-damaged property to its pre-loss condition. It can be complicated and overwhelming, especially since business owners may still be recovering from the shock of significant losses from the fire. 

Affected business owners can seek the assistance of trusted restoration companies.. Since restoration activities need to be done as soon as possible to minimize further damage, working with these companies would be a wise decision. Restoration specialists can start right away with the recovery process to help bring the business back to its regular operations.

What Restoration Companies Do After a Fire

To assist you in getting your property back to its pre-disaster state, you need a trusted restoration company. Fire damage restoration companies make a thorough assessment of the damage on your property caused by the fire. It may include burned materials, smoke odor, soot, and water damage.

After a fire, your property may have several exposed areas which may be susceptible to different weather conditions. They can also be easy entry points for trespassers and looters, as well as animals such as birds, mice, and stray dogs.

Once the fire marshal has assessed and released your property, the restoration company can start boarding up the exposed areas and install temporary fencing.

The restoration company then proceeds to dry the wet areas. Many parts of the fire-damaged property will be wet from the sprinkler system (if you have one) and from the water or fire retardant used by the emergency fire personnel.

Fire also leaves a strong smoke odor that may stay long after the fire has been put out. This may affect the health of employees and other occupants once they return to the property. The restoration company works to reduce the smoke odor by using specialized techniques including negative air containment, deodorization, and thermal fogging.

The company then brings in its construction specialists to assess, organize, and complete any additional repair work. The restoration company can also work with your insurance company as you process your claim.

These things should give you a good picture of what restoration companies do after a fire. Likewise, you may also discuss with the company’s project manager, should you need additional professional assistance.

How Do I Choose a Fire Restoration Company?

Since a commercial fire damage restoration plan may get complex, choosing the right fire restoration company is crucial. The process will involve not only fixing the damage the fire has caused, but also restoring your property to its pre-loss condition in an efficient way that is within your budget.

In choosing a fire restoration company, trust the one that:

  • Specializes in fire and smoke damage restoration. Not all restoration work is the same. Choose a company that focuses on fire damage and offers you a customized plan for your unique case.
  • Has several years of experience in the field. This is serious restoration work, as it involves your business and your property. You need to trust only those who have done this kind of work through years of keeping up with current technology and practical experience.
  • Has a good reputation in your community. Ask in community boards. Read reviews. Be diligent in checking what previous clients have to say about the restoration company.

Contact us at Compleat Restorations if you need a reliable fire and smoke damage restoration company. We have years of experience in the restoration business and can help take away the stress of restoring your property after a devastating fire. Whether you need a commercial fire damage restoration plan or just a quick consult, we’re here for you.