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The Cardiologists of Construction

Restoration services, like cardiologists, are not something customers typically shop around for. Therefore, most customers do not know what to expect since we perform in emergency circumstances. In many ways we are like the cardiologists of construction. If you’ve never suffered a heart attack (and we hope you never do), chances are that you will … Continued

The Heart of Restoration

Helping People Recover Helping people recover from fire damage, storm damage, water intrusion, and other unforeseen property catastrophes is highly rewarding work. The horror of a natural disaster, the unpredictable property mishaps that happen in home and business, the immediate summons of rapid response to prevent further damage and costly delays, the challenge of facing … Continued

3 Restoration Service Menu Offerings You May Not Know About

Other Restoration Services Menu Offerings and Why You Need Them Everyone knows that Compleat Restorations is the industry leader in water, mold, fire, and storm restoration. These events are bad for buildings. Successful facilities managers have an Emergency Response Plan with Compleat. They’ve “feasted on” the customer experience that Compleat serves up and “tasted” the … Continued