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What to Do When Your House Floods

House floods happen fast. Whether you’re dealing with a burst pipe or a flash flood, water fills up your house within minutes and spreads through each room, causing significant structural damage. If you can’t prevent a flood, you need to know what to do after a flood strikes. The next steps you take after water … Continued

Flood Insurance: I’m Covered … Right?

You believe your insurance policy has you covered in the event of water flood damage, right? Not so fast; all is not as it seems. Flood insurance coverage is easily one of the most misunderstood claims in the industry. It comes down to two questions: What defines a flood? What defines the coverage? Flood coverage … Continued

How Property Managers Ace Water Damage Disasters

The Winning Card of Property Management in a Water Damage Savvy property managers know that a water damage restoration project can be a nightmare. Displaced tenants and loss of revenue are of paramount concern, but improper water damage cleaning has further reaching implications such as permanent structural damage and microbial growth that will haunt the property … Continued


The Importance of Sump Pump Coverage We share these basic steps you can take to reduce your risk exposure this spring: 1. Check your gutters and drains Malfunctioning gutters and drains tend to be the number one issue for wet basements in our industry during the spring. Make sure that gutters are flowing freely and … Continued

Why Me? Why Now? Why Again?

On January 10, 2017, Compleat Restorations responded to a vaguely familiar water loss on an evening when icy roads seemed to make the notion of an emergency response almost impossible. A hotel in northern Harrisburg had the worst kind of disaster any manager can imagine. A sprinkler pipe had frozen and burst on the top … Continued

What should I do in the event of water or flood damage?

Water and flood damage arises from fire damage, broken pipes, blocked drains, malfunctioning appliances, storms, and other causes. The appropriate treatment depends on the nature of the damage. Some water carries contaminate and should be considered hazardous. Whatever the origin, the prospects for restoration depend largely on the speed with which your building and personal … Continued

Sewage & Flood Damage

Raw sewage and flood waters contain bacteria and other micro-organisms which are extremely hazardous to human health. These can be transmitted by touching contaminated items or by tracking them into uncontaminated areas on shoes. Children and pets are especially vulnerable. Frequent hand-washing is an important preventive measure. Absorbent materials such as carpeting and drywall may … Continued

Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About Water Damage Restoration

Unfortunately, you need water damage clean-up.  First, we’re sorry for your property water damage. Moving on, it’s important that you know you’re not alone. Here are some of your Most Burning Questions About Water Damage Restoration. You’re about to go on a journey with a team of experienced restoration technicians. We promise you’ll find compassionate … Continued

Is Your Refrigerator Running?

‘Is your refrigerator running?’  The world’s best known prank phone call may also be one of the best pieces of advice before you leave for vacation. Not necessarily for leaving your refrigerator plugged in, but the water line that feeds your ice maker. Most refrigerators have a poly plastic line that is small, easily damaged, … Continued

CPR in the Doctor’s Office – A Healthcare Water Damage Restoration Case Study

A heart-stopping moment happened in May 2019. It is when a busy medical practice experienced a flood of water from a second-floor plumbing malfunction. A broken toilet valve upstairs rained water throughout two stories of the building. This quickly soaked ceiling tiles, drywall, and floors in the waiting room. It also includes the examination rooms … Continued