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Fire Damage: 3 Resources to Use When You Don’t Have Insurance

Fire damage can be a nightmare if you don’t have insurance. You’ve lost your personal belongings, your home and your morale. You feel drained and frustrated. Now what? On behalf everyone at Compleat Restorations, we’re sorry for your loss; we’re also here to help. We’ve compiled a resource list three resources where you can go, … Continued

You Can Overcome Daunting Fire Damage Clean Up—If You Follow This Simple Plan

Fire damage cleanup is a complicated process in part because it’s challenging for victims to know what to do. After firefighters have quelled the flames it’s important not to enter the building unless the fire department gives you the go ahead, otherwise, you could get hurt. When you enter your home, you’ll find the fire … Continued

Fire Damage Clean Up Techniques Work on Puff Backs

Fire damage cleanup techniques are not exclusive to house fires. During the winter months, when we use our home heating systems, the mess and odor of furnace puff backs are not merely a mechanical nuisance, they’re disruptive and messy. A puff back is an explosion inside the burner chamber of an oil furnace. The result … Continued

Fire Damage Restoration: Defining Fire Damage

Fire Damage Restoration Fire damage restoration is the process of repairing damaged property and products, which were a result of fire or smoke. This process is undeniably complex as it involves removing corrosion, soot, and even the smell of smoke from the item for restoration. Fire damage restoration isn’t exclusive to fires caused in a … Continued