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Black Water: Category 3 Water Damage

The most dangerous type of water damage is category 3, or black water. Much more contaminated than category 2, black water is a potentially deadly form of water damage that is made up of far more contaminants and bacteria than category 2. On top of that, water that is contaminated is even more harmful to … Continued

Gray Water: Category 2 Water Damage

Suffering damage due to mildly contaminated, or gray, water is a difficult position to be in as a homeowner. In the event that you’re faced with category 2 water damage, it’s important to understand the effects that this type of water damage can have on your property and health. Here are some important things to … Continued

Classes and Categories of Water Damage

When it comes to water damage and restoration, it’s important to be aware of the classes and categories of water contamination. These two factors dictate how the damage of water is mitigated and how much can be salvaged. Read on for an overview of the classes and categories of it. Classes of Water Damage The … Continued