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What the ‘Hurri’ in ‘Hurricane’ Should Mean To You

The eye of the hurricane is staring at us. This eye, from a distance, sees where we are vulnerable and many times will steer directly to where it can do the most damage. That is how it feels when we experience the devastating effects of the wind and rain that caught us unprepared. Compleat Restorations can help you before, during, and after a storm event should your business be at risk for a property loss. An Emergency Response Plan (ERP) is a smart solution for being prepared. Here is what the ‘Hurri’ in ‘Hurricane’ should mean to you:

“Hurri’ and have Compleat issue an ERP – Our ERP is pre-disaster planning so that we understand your buildings and business. Business continuity and contingencies are not often considered when planning your business’s future, but we can help. It is like having a restoration company on retainer without the fees.
An ERP means that we will ‘Hurri’ to the scene – Our ERP clients are ranked as premier customers. That means that you are assured a fast priority response.

Be prepared by having an ERP in place. Contact us today to become a Compleat Restoration ERP VIP.
Submitted by Aaron Jacobs, Business Development Consultant, Compleat Restorations