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The Fire Damage Restoration Company that Won the Hearts of All

Fire damage restoration was the furthest thing from Helen’s mind. It was until Thursday before Easter, that she and her houseguest returned from Mass. They were winding down for the evening. She needs a fire damage company to restore the house.

As they prepared to retire for the night, Helen heard something outside. She is peering through her window and, to her dismay, saw flames licking her neighbor’s property.

Immediately, she roused her neighbors and tenants and called the fire company. The homes quickly became engulfed in fire and smoke. Helen attempted to re-enter her home to grab her purse. She remembered she had a large quantity of cash. The firemen are dissuading her, and she is there to watch in horror as her home and belongings were losing out of her eyes.

Fire Damage Restoration Companies are Friends of Local First Responders

Fire and police responded quickly, and everyone got out safely. But now what?

The Ephrata Borough Police knew that security and safety were a top priority. The homes were ravaged by smoke and fire damage. The doors and windows were destroyed, and the charred remains were open to the elements and vulnerable to vandals.

Ephrata Pioneer Fire Company and Ephrata Borough Police have a longstanding relationship with Compleat Restorations. It’s one based on trust, professionalism, and rapid response.

The police lieutenant called Compleat Restorations to help with emergency fire damage board up and the crew had boots on the ground within the hour to begin stabilizing the property.

Fire Damage Restoration Companies Provide Hope

When the sun rose the next day on the fire-damaged property, the only spark that remained was the spark of hope. It was fueled by our discovery of a few salvageable items that were found in the smoky, charred remains – jewelry, photos, and to Helen’s delight – the $700 cash from her purse.

Fire Damage Restoration Companies Gain Trust From Insurance Professionals

The insurance adjuster and structural engineer deemed it necessary to demolish the fire-damaged property, as the structure was too destabilized to safely repair. Helen is grateful also to her insurance agent Josh Gluck and Douple Insurance agency who endorses Compleat to help restore the fire-damaged properties. Strong relationships between fire damage restoration companies and insurance professionals make a restoration loss go smoothly.

Compleat Restorations arranged to have the property demolished. It was an emotional scene for the Helen and the rest of her community as they viewed the wreckage of their property, memories, and homes crumble. She could only watch her home demolition for so long and before she had to turn away, consumed by grief.

Even as the remnants of the fire-damaged house came down the fire damage restoration company reassured her that, like a phoenix, her home could arise from the ashes, stronger and more beautiful than before.

Helen Dreams of a New Beginning

Compleat Restorations has built a solid reputation with area contractors and this was a time to utilize those relationships. Heck Brothers Construction joined Compleat and the customer at the drawing board to design a new home on the existing site. Working together with Heck and the insurance company; plans, blueprints, and designs were created to build a brand new home! This is when fire damage restoration is fulfilling – planning for a bright new future.

By Christmas, Helen’s new house was ready. Though she misses some “things” that cannot ever be replaced, her new space is more modern, safe, and functional than before.

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