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Storms Disrupt Your Allentown Business: 4 Prevention Tips

Summer storms can be unpredictable, packing a powerful punch in the form of hail, wind, and heavy rain. Here in Allentown, these storms can leave a path of destruction, damaging your property and disrupting your business operations

Being prepared is key. Here are 4 summer storm damage prevention tips to help your Allentown business weather the storm and minimize downtime

1. Preventative Maintenance is Key Schedule a professional inspection of your Allentown property before the storm season hits. Here’s what a thorough inspection should cover:

  • Exterior Condition: Check the paint, walls, windows, doors, and railings for any damage. Look for any plants growing on the building or its foundation, as these can weaken the structure.
  • Roof Inspection: A damaged roof is especially vulnerable during storms. Have a professional inspect the roof’s condition, gutters, drainage systems, and any roof penetrations (vents, pipes, etc.). Clean debris and remove any plant growth.
  • Compleat Restoration Can Help: Don’t have the time or expertise to conduct a thorough inspection yourself? Compleat Restoration in Allentown offers comprehensive commercial pre-loss inspections.

2. Review and Update Your Insurance Coverage:

  • Don’t wait until disaster strikes to discover your insurance policy doesn’t cover specific types of storm damage. Schedule an annual review with your agent to ensure your coverage is adequate for your business needs. Understanding your policy’s details will save you headaches later.

3. Document Your Property’s Condition:

  • Take detailed photos of your Allentown business’s interior, exterior, and equipment. This timestamped record will be invaluable when filing insurance claims and demonstrating the property’s pre-storm condition.

4. Develop an Emergency Response Plan with Compleat Restoration:

Having a comprehensive emergency response plan in place can make all the difference in the aftermath of a storm. Compleat Restoration’s Emergency Response Plan (ERP) program helps Allentown businesses prepare for and react to storm damage.

Our ERP program outlines procedures for:

  • Employee safety during and after a storm
  • Damage assessment
  • Contacting insurance companies
  • Initiating emergency repairs (water damage mitigation, fire damage restoration, etc.)

With a well-defined ERP, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you have a trusted partner (Compleat Restoration) ready to respond 24/7 in case of a storm emergency.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late:
Protect your Allentown business from the disruptive effects of summer storms. For the fastest and most experienced storm damage restoration services in the Allentown area, call Compleat Restoration today. We’ve been helping businesses recover from storm damage since 1978. Contact us anytime at 800-699-1176.