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Stop Illness from Making Your Business Sick

Seasonal flu, MRSA, and isolated illnesses can make your business sick. A contagious, infectious disease affects employees and customers, wreaking havoc on production and reputation. Employee downtime due to illness brings a measurable decrease in production. Worse, in the case of school, nursing home, or hospital, the populations served are vulnerable to contracting and worsening the outbreak. Manufacturing and hospitality industries have the additional challenge of specialty equipment that is difficult to sanitize thoroughly and efficiently.
Biospray D2 Combats Serious Infections
Your janitorial staff does a great job of maintaining a clean facility, but may not have the resources to properly sanitize and disinfect your facility when the exposure is wide-spread and highly infectious (such as MRSA, meningitis, or Hepatitis B).

You need help to combat illness in the workplace and keep your business healthy. Compleat has the solution (literally) and the process to get you well again.

Compleat Restorations is an exclusive provider of BioSpray D2. This surface sanitizer and disinfectant is ideal for commercial facilities due to its unique formula. It is a non-corrosive spray that effectively kills 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses in hard to reach places. It is safe with computers, medical equipment, and phones and will not stain glass, metal, plastics or fabrics. This fast-drying spray requires no wiping which prevents cross contamination.

The process is fast, cost-effective, and easy to deliver. Biospray is used in food production facilities, healthcare, office buildings, and schools. Biospray sanitizes in 60 seconds and disinfects in 5 minutes.
Not Just For Healthcare
In food production, Biospray D2 is specifically designed for tools, motors, freezers, control panels, electrical panels, dry production areas, thermometers, labelers, utensils, scales, belts and other water sensitive areas. It is approved for “Food Contact Surfaces Without a Rinse”.

In offices, Biospray D2 is perfect for water sensitive equipment such as keyboards, phones, and other office equipment as it is non-corrosive, works fast, and evaporates quickly.

As a restoration contractor, Compleat will apply Biospray to affected areas and if needed, arrange for added terminal cleaning services and supportive equipment, such as air scrubbers and containment.

Compleat is your partner to keep your patrons, employees, and your business healthy and thriving this season. Give us a call for more information or to begin infection control measures in your facility.