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Manufacturing and Restoration Emergency Response Plan Partnerships

The manufacturing industry can be very delicate. Manufacturing plants are designed like machines and in many cases, if one thing goes wrong, it impacts several lines of manufacturing. This can lead to loss of sales, reduced capacity or disrupted customer service. Most value chains in manufacturing are designed to manage some level of disruption for issues such as maintenance and repairs, accidents or power outages, but there are several unforeseen incidents that can significantly impact the manufacturing process and business.

Manufacturing plants are committed to high levels of safety, which greatly reduces the probability of a property loss. Property losses in manufacturing can be few and far in between, but when they do happen they are larger than ordinary commercial property losses. Machine fires not only destroy the immediate area and contents, but it also contaminates the entire warehouse and production lines with smoke and soot. Broken water lines such as water mains, sprinklers and sewage systems can take portions of the assembly line offline and create safety hazards for employees. These claims are magnified in terms of loss of business and, eventually, unsatisfied customers. When these property losses catch you off guard, thoughts of ‘should’ve, would’ve & could’ve’ become the main topic of discussion as everyone wonders what to do next. Being prepared with a professional restoration partner and an emergency response plan (ERP) will help reduce losses, lost production time and restoration costs.

Emergency Response Plan Prepares Manufacturing Industry for Property Loss

Understanding the vital parts of your business – Partnering with Compleat Restorations means that we know you and what is important to you. Knowledge of your facilities means that we have advance knowledge of where shutoff valves are, where sensitive and important documents and equipment are stored and what it takes to keep your business running through a difficult time.
Safety – Mitigating a property loss is more than just drying, cleaning and repairing. It’s about keeping everyone safe during the process. An ERP with Compleat helps everyone to understand the expectations and protocols of handling your loss the safest way possible.
Streamlined communication – There are many stakeholders when handling a large commercial loss. Facility directors, managers and owners are just some of the team who get involved. An ERP establishes a chain of command so that everyone knows who is accountable for what while streamlining the decision-making process. Our state-of-the-art project management share software allows everyone to get real time job updates to help minimize miscommunication.
Maximize capacity – An ERP can help us understand the crucial components of your business needs. We can assist with maximizing the operational capacity as your partner whether it is setting up mobile offices, equipment reconfiguration or simply expediting certain phases of the project to keep the production lines running.
Business continuity – The goal of a partnership formed with an ERP agreement is to get you back in business as quickly as possible. An ERP agreement means that you are a premier customer and that we will do whatever we can to minimize the downtime incurred by a property loss. An ERP establishes a level of trust between us as your restoration contractor and your business to get repairs started right away knowing that your expectations will be met in the fastest time possible.

Compleat Restorations has 40 years of experience of helping businesses like yours getting back on their feet. Partner with us so that you can be as prepared as possible when disaster strikes.