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Infection Prevention Case Study at a High-Risk Facility

On, Saturday, August 19, 2017, Compleat Restorations received an unusual emergency call from one of its healthcare partners. There had been an unexpected lapse in cleaning services at a high risk medical facility that needed to be addressed immediately. Always mindful of patient safety, the healthcare partner knew that they were not going to take any chances the moment they realized there was an issue. Compleat Restorations understood that under no uncertain terms the facility had to be clean and sterilized fast.

Efficient Terminal Cleaning

We all know that time is money, and this was the most significant part of the challenge. Compleat had only a half day to start and finish cleaning the 7,000 square foot facility so that it could be checked for safety on Sunday and open for business on Monday.

Unsanitary conditions and patient service disruptions would not be tolerated. In less than two hours, 15 Compleat Restorations employees (including family members, carpenters, marketing, technicians and even the accounting team) arrived on the scene ready to clean. All surfaces, floors, equipment and utilities needed to be terminally cleaned so that the site providers could service patients with confidence.

Infection Prevention with BioSpray

The most important step in this process was to sterilize all procedure and exam rooms to eliminate all potential infection risks. Our unique BioSpray product was applied in these areas to make certain that everything was patient ready.

Because of the fast response from many Compleat Restorations’ employees who were willing to sacrifice their Saturday plans for a premier customer, the structure was cleaned and sterilized by Saturday evening and passed corporate inspections on Sunday.

Spiffy in a jiff as they say.