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How to Prevent Frozen Pipes From Bursting During Freezing Temperatures

When temperatures fall below freezing, the worst-case scenario is that pipes can burst, and it’s as problematic as it sounds. Normally, keeping your house well-heated can keep most issues from ever arising. However, it is different in the case of a power outage or uncharacteristically severe winter weather. Take note that extra precautions should be … Continued

Pennsylvania Spring Weather Home Prep Guide

Pennsylvania spring weather is warm and wet. These weather conditions—combined with wind storms—can pose dangers to your house or property.  This article will cover all the necessary info that you need to know for your spring weather home prep! Whether it’s HVAC system maintenance or trimming the trees on your property, we’ve got it all … Continued

What to Do (and Not Do) in the Event of Frozen Pipes

One major issue that property owners need to prepare for in the winter months is frozen pipes. Freezing of the pipes not only leaves you without water but also causes damage to your pipeline system and other parts of your home since water expands as it freezes. Water damage can then lead to mold growth … Continued

Tips For Detecting Mold

Let’s talk about mold. More specifically, let’s talk about some important ways to detect it in your home. Believe it or not, mold could be present in your house without you even realizing it, so it’s crucial to know how to properly identify it. Luckily, there are quite a few easy-to-spot signs that you’ve got … Continued

What is a puff back?

Many have never heard of a puff back. A puff back occurs when an oil burner backfires, sending soot throughout your home or business. It can happen all at once (like a balloon popping) or more gradually (as if someone was holding the end of a balloon and letting the air seep out slowly). When … Continued

How Asbestos Went from Common to Hazardous

Depending on who you’re asking, we can define asbestos in a couple of ways. Is asbestos hazardous? But one of the more popular ones includes its connotation as a hazardous substance. One is both heat-resistant and commonly found in everyday materials such as brake linings, fabrics, and building materials. This is a naturally occurring mineral. … Continued