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Why Biohazards Should Be Handled By A Biohazard Cleanup Company

It’s one thing to spill food on your couch, and a whole other situation to be dealing with actual biohazardous materials. When you find yourself in an unfortunate situation with a hazardous cleanup, it’s in your best interest to get expert help.

Even if you feel up to the challenge, it is simply safer to hire professionals to know the proper processes and precautions to use. This will save you time and ensure that you have physical protection from any complications that can arise from working with biohazardous cleanups.

This article will cover what exactly biohazardous materials are, why calling a biohazard cleanup company is a smart move, and what the Compleat process looks like. Let’s dive right in.

What Are Biohazards?

Biohazards are essentially any biological matter that could be hazardous to humans or animals. As you might guess, this definition is quite broad and covers many different materials that you might encounter in household accidents. 

The CDC classifies biohazards according to the extent of harm they cause:

  • 1st Level — pose minimal threat to humans (E. coli)
  • 2nd Level — cause moderate harm to humans (HIV)
  • 3rd Level — high-risk pathogens that can become airborne (tuberculosis)
  • 4th Level — life-threatening pathogens with no known treatment (ebola)

While it is unlikely that you will encounter Level 4 biohazards, even Level 1 materials aren’t worth the risk of cleaning up yourself. The complications that may develop from encountering hazardous matter make calling a biohazard cleanup company the smartest move.

The dangers that biohazards pose will differ depending on the substance. For example, bodily fluids can easily transmit diseases. Blood, saliva, and other liquids can pass along dangerous illnesses if they enter your body through openings or cuts. Molds and fungi, on the other hand, can drift through the air to be captured by your lungs and cause serious respiratory issues. 

Why Should Biohazard Cleanup Services Be Done By Professionals?

Biohazard cleanup is something that should be left to professionals. This is for a variety of reasons, ranging from actual physical danger to taking the mental weight off of you and your household.  

Physical Safety

Exposure to chemicals and hazardous materials without proper personal protective equipment (PPE) poses danger to your health.  If you don’t have the proper training, it is not advisable for you to attempt to clean a biohazardous scene. Otherwise, you risk contracting an illness or cross-contaminating hazardous materials.

Likewise, professional cleaners will ensure that no trace of biohazards will be in the area. The last thing you want is to spend hours cleaning up a disgusting mess only to find more a week later. Paying for cleanup from Compleat is paying for the luxury of knowing the job will be 100% complete. 

Emotional Protection

Our team acts as the “second responders” to your situation. We relieve you from the pain of cleaning up after a traumatic experience. Your home will go through sanitation and will have a pre-accident condition after the process.

Biohazard accidents within your home can often be too emotionally troublesome to effectively handle the cleaning. We don’t blame you. Biohazard Cleanup Companies like Compleat Restorations can handle the cleanup and give you the space to breathe that you need. 

Compleat Restorations Biohazard Cleaning Procedures and Precautions

We take our job seriously — transforming unsafe properties to their pre-loss condition requires attention to detail. To do this, we create a thorough plan before remediation starts. 

Once there is a game plan, we can carefully remove any potentially infectious materials and dispose of any hazardous waste. It’s important that this always follows OSHA and state-mandated medical waste regulations.

Removing fabric and carpeting are part of the process when necessary. Drywall and flooring are removed or professionally decontaminated and sanitized. Hazardous medical waste is disposable. It is adhering to OSHA regulations. After bulk cleaning, sanitisation and deep cleaning will follow.

The Compleat Environmental team treats all trauma and crime scenes with extreme caution. We are trained on precautions such as:

  • needlestick prevention 
  • biohazard control 
  • bloodborne pathogens and disposal 
  • universal OSHA precautions

Our team will clean, disinfect, and deodorize a property and dispose of hazardous waste. This is part o the process while following health and OSHA regulations, S540-2017 ANSI/IICRC Standard for Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup, along with federal, state, and/or local regulations.

Typically, we dispatch multiple technicians so the area is perfectly clean within a day, but the process could take longer depending on the severity of the situation. You can read more about the Compleat process here.

Why Compleat Restorations on Biohazard Cleanup?

When you have a hazardous and unstable environment, it is essential you work with professionals who are armed with the right equipment and experience to restore your property to its previous conditions, safely. 

Compleat Restorations should be your first call when you need a biohazard cleanup company. We understand that time is of the essence which is why our 24/7 support team is always ready for any emergency that arises.

To get in touch with Compleat today, call 717-738-2765 or reach us through our Contact page.