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4 Tips for Summer Storm Damage Prevention

Summer storms are unpredictable and tend to target neighborhoods rather than entire counties. If you are unfortunate enough to be in the path, your business is vulnerable to fallen trees, hail damage, fire from lightning, wind damage, losing all or part of your roof, flooding, and power outage. Minutes later, the storm passes, and you are shocked by the extent of the damage.

Why is Summer Storm Damage Preparedness Important?
As a business owner or facility manager, you’ll need to prepare and react to keep people working safely and stay productive. Here are 4 summer storm damage prevention tips to help your business survive the sudden summer storm and reduce downtime from storm damage commercial property loss.
Your preparation and reaction to commercial storm damage will be the difference between successful business continuity or weeks of downtime, loss of revenue, and the threat of competitors picking up your valued customers. Prevention and planning along with executing your Emergency Response Plan will keep your business up and running after the storm subsides.

#1 Preventative Maintenance
It’s easy to let maintenance items slip as the seasons quickly change from spring to summer. Be prudent and proactive by scheduling an exterior building inspection on your calendar. Here’s a simple checklist to get you started.

Check the condition of the paint and walls.

Check for broken windows and doors.

Check the condition of all railings.

Check for plants growing on the building or its foundation.

Clean the roof. Use care when working in high places; employ adequate fall protection.

Clean roof drains and gutters. Test drains and downspouts by flushing them with water.

Inspect the condition of the roof.

Inspect gutters for adequate anchoring and tighten, if necessary.

Inspect the stack and all roof penetrations.

Remove any plant life growing on the roof.

Clean up any debris found.

Should you want assistance with your inspection, Compleat can help you. Read more about Compleat’s commercial pre-loss inspection here.

#2 Update Your Commercial Storm Damage Insurance Coverage
It’s devastating to discover that your commercial insurance policy doesn’t have adequate commercial storm damage coverage after a property loss. Along with your preventative maintenance and inspection, schedule an annual policy review with your insurance agent. Be sure to discuss coverages and exclusions and be certain that you understand them. This step removes the disappointment and unhappy surprise from a non-covered loss.

#3 Photograph and Document the Condition of Your Commercial Property

A photographic inventory of your business equipment, interior, and exterior of the business property is a tremendous help when navigating a commercial storm damage insurance claim. Your timestamped photographs accelerate the process when working with your insurance adjuster after storm damage has occurred and provides proof of adequate maintenance of the commercial property.

#4 Initiate Emergency Response Planning with Compleat
It’s vital to the health of your business to have an emergency plan in place and to update it annually. Compleat Restorations Emergency Response Plan (ERP) program ensures that you and your employees know how to prepare and react to summer storm commercial property damage. Should you need water damage mitigation, fire damage restoration, or emergency repairs as a result of commercial storm damage, your ERP with Compleat will give you peace of mind that you have a strategic partner at the ready to respond to your need 24/7/365. Read more about the importance of knowing who to call before you need help.

Don’t let summer storm damage be disastrous to your commercial property and to your business. You worked hard to build your company and deserve the most efficient and experienced response. For the best storm damage restoration from hail, water, or wind damage, call Compleat Restorations. We’ve been helping businesses with commercial storm damage restoration since 1978.  Contact Compleat Restorations at 800-699-1176 day, night, or weekend for commercial storm damage emergency services.