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William Schrack

Winner of the 2007 National Chrysalis Award for Remodeling Excellence!

Fire damaged an 1830’s stone homestead causing a half a million dollars in damages. The home was then exposed to the elements for many months before restoration could begin. After restoration was completed, no sign of fire or water damage remained. We improved the energy efficiency of the home with insulation, double-paned windows, dual-zoned heating, an air conditioning system and an updated duct system. The real challenge with historic restoration after disaster is maintaining the historical character of the property.

Original stones were salvaged to rebuild one of the chimneys. From being in a fire and out in the weather the sandstone had absorbed a great deal of soot so each stone had to be sandblasted. The chimney had split and partially fallen. We tore it down and further then rebuilt it, much like putting a puzzle together. For support and to comply with current fire codes, steel beams were incorporated into the chimney structure. The finished product is lovely and looks like the 1800’s chimney. It’s the result of combining original stone with current technologies and old-fashioned craftsmanship.

We recreated the home’s former beauty. Vertical plank tongue and groove doors were installed and we matched the hardware by engaging a blacksmith to forge door handles. The interior walls were plastered to look like the originals. We used custom milled beadboard, installed wood floors and built two spiral staircases.

Whenever restoring a historical property, we feel it’s a special duty entrusted to us to maintain the integrity of those respected craftsmen who worked there long before us.

Customer Feedback:

“What has been our homestead… has arisen from the ashes and rubble to something that is indeed unique in and of itself and beautiful to behold. Compleat Restorations has found and engaged true craftsmen to perform aspects of the project, and those with whom I have spoken have been enamored by the project, and by their opportunity to participate in the restoration work… The property truly has been restored, and improved, and the work is such that Compleat Restorations should be proud of the end result.”

— William Schrack III, owner

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